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Is Hotel Portofino star Oliver Dench related to Dame Judi? Yes, here’s how

BritBox brings the sunshine of the Italian Riviera in new show Hotel Portofino

Oliver Dench is one of the stars in BritBox’s exclusive new show Hotel Portofino but is he related to Oscar winner Dame Judi?

The series is set, as the name suggests, in the beautiful village of Portofino on the Italian Riviera.

And it’s a must for fans of period drama such Downton Abbey and Bridgerton as it’s set in the roaring ’20s. That’s the 1920s btw. Not now.

Oliver Dench Hotel Portofino
Oliver plays Lucien in Hotel Portofino (Credit: ITV pics)

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One of the breakout stars is Oliver Dench who plays Lucien Ainsworth in the drama.

But who exactly is he? And what else has he been in? Here’s everything we know about Oliver.

Is Oliver Dench related to Dame Judi Dench?

Oscar Dench is a British-born actor currently starring as Lucien in BritBox exclusive Hotel Portofino.

Before landing the role of Lucien, Oscar made his name in cult US sci-fi show Pandora. He played a character called Xander Duvall, love interest of main girl, Jax. The show was cancelled in 2020 after two seasons.

Oliver Dench as Lucien in Hotel Portofino
The show is set in the Italian Riviera (Credit: ITV pics)

Oliver obviously shares a surname with a very famous British actress. So for everyone wondering if Oliver is related to Dame Judi Dench, the answer is yes, she’s his great-aunt. That’s a pretty impressive mentor to have.

He was born on September 9, 1992, which means he’ll be celebrating his 30th birthday later this year.

As well as Pandora, Oliver starred in Ride, a teen drama based in an equestrian boarding school. His character had the extremely British moniker, Will Palmerston.  The show centred around Katherine Bridges, known as Kit to her friends, who was forced to relocate to England. Sadly, Ride only lasted for one series, but you can watch it on Prime Video.

What else has Oliver Dench been in?

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He made his acting debut back in 2013 when he starred in a short film called One Night at the Aristo. According to IMDB, the plot revolves around a young man who is desperate to impress the girl across the hall. He attempts this by severing his own finger. We prefer roses, to be honest.

For more photos of Oliver, you can follow him on Instagram here although he’s not hugely active on the site.

His last post was in June 2021 and shows him lazing in a boat floating on the Adriatic Sea. The caption reads: “I’m on a boat in the Adriatic for #HotelPortofino.” It looks like a very tough job.

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