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Honour ITV: Five burning questions ahead of episode two

The harrowing true-crime adaptation of the murder of Banaz Mahmod concludes tonight

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ITV’s two-part drama Honour concludes tonight, and viewers are steeling themselves for an emotional ending.

The drama, starring Keeley Hawes, tells the tragic story of 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod who was murdered in 2006.

After a gripping and shocking first episode, here are five burning questions we have ahead of tonight’s finale.

Honour ITV
Honour ITV is back for a dramatic final episode. (Credit: ITV)

Where are we after last night’s episode of Honour?

Viewers were left on tenterhooks last night (Monday September 28) after DCI Carol Goode (Hawes) and her team were alerted to Banaz’s disappearance.

As they investigated the case, it became clear that Banaz’s own father and uncle were part of the mystery.

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As Carol faced a race against the clock to find her, the investigation soon turned from a missing person’s case into a murder case.

Honour ITV
DCI Carol Goode searches in Birmingham (Credit: ITV)

How will Carol and the team find Banaz’s body?

With Mohamad Hama in prison on remand, Carol and the team have been listening in to his phone calls.

Thankfully for them, he has been bragging about the murder and is giving clues as to her whereabouts.

One of the clues they overheard was that Banaz’s body is in the garden of a boarded-up house somewhere in Birmingham.

Another clue they heard was, “she is in the water under the stones.”

Can the team find her before it’s too late?

Honour ITV
Mahmod (Umit Ulgen) and Ari Mahmod (Selva Rasalingham) in court in episode two (Credit: ITV)

How will Banaz’s father and uncle be convicted?

Even though Banaz’s father and uncle – Mahmod and Ari – have been under suspicion since day one, they’ve always remained silent.

Now, everything points to the fact that they are involved somehow and it’s just a case of pinning them down.

They both have alibis, but data analyst Keilly Jones (Alexa Davies) is on the case.

As she sifts through mobile phone records, can she make the vital connections that will bring justice for Banaz?

What role will Banaz’s sister, Bekhal, play?

In episode one we learned that Banaz’s older sister, Bekhal (played by Rhianne Barreto) had also run away from home before Banaz.

She explained that she had also been forced into an arranged marriage and has alleged abuse from her family.

Even though Bekhal has made another life for herself, it’s clear that the shock of her sister’s murder weighs heavily.

And it’s also clear that she’ll have to make a decision that could expose herself to help bring Banaz’s killers to justice.

How will the case affect Carol Goode?

We’ve seen Carol become emotionally involved in the case, stopping at nothing to first find Banaz and now find her killers.

With her whole team feeling the strain (with some sleeping in their offices overnight), how is the case going to affect Carol?

She already feeling the pressure from her boss, and now she has to find a way to convict Banaz’s killers.

Honour ITV
Alexa plays data analyst Keilly (Credit: ITV)

Who is Alexa Davies?

Honour boasted a distinguished cast, led by Keeley Hawes.

Also delivering a top-notch performance was actress Alexa Davies, who played data analyst Keilly Jones.

You might recognise Alexa from another ITV true-crime adaptation from earlier in the year – she played Julie Mugford in White House Farm.

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Alexa, 25, also appeared in E4 comedy Dead Pixels and BBC Four’s The Detectorists.

She can also be seen in saucy period drama Harlots, currently playing on BBC Two.

Honour continues on ITV tonight at 9pm

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