Former Loose Women star hankering after a return to the panel

Could she be joining Andrea & co again soon?

Hollyoaks’ Lisa Maxwell abruptly left our screens last month when her character, Tracey Donovan, was brutally killed off.

But while she won’t be returning to the soap anytime soon – it wasn’t a supernatural show, the last time we checked! – it seems she has ambitions to reprise her former role on Loose Women.

Lisa was a regular panellist on the ITV show from 2009 to 2014, appearing among show regulars Janet Street Porter and Andrea McLean.

Now she says she “would go back” on the programme.

“I had such a laugh on Loose Women,” she told Mirror TV.

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“Some of the happiest years of my life were spent giggling my way through lunch-times with my mates. I loved it.

“I’m grateful to Loose Women for a lot and my friends…I’ve got great mates from there.”

Long-term fans of the show will note this interview paints a different story to Lisa’s initial comments upon leaving Loose Women.

“Loose Women is not the same show and it’s not as much fun as it was,” she told The Sun back in 2014, discussing her decision to quit.

“Now it’s just about giving political opinions. But I can’t do that and I think people watching can tell if you’re faking it.

“I miss the laughs and I miss the show coming from the heart.”

However it would seem that the British actress, who rose to fame in her role on The Bill from 2002 to 2009, has now changed her mind.

In the same interview, Lisa also confessed her initial nerves over working with Tamara Wall, who plays long-time Hollyoaks character Grace Black.

“I was quite nervous about working with Tamara, as she’s quite an iconic character in the show.

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“When I first told people I was going to be playing Grace Black’s mum, everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, Grace Black’s mum!’.

However, the actresses soon bonded: “We laughed, we just giggled all the time, and I miss that.”

We hope to see Lisa back on our screens soon – no doubt for another Loose Women stint!

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