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First Dates viewers baffled as woman reveals she’s married to HERSELF

She married herself after a tough break-up

First Dates viewers were left confused when a woman revealed she’s married to herself midway through her date.

Mel, 42, from Weymouth went to dinner with Damien, 40, from Bristol and pair seemed to hit it off straight away.

However, midway through the date, Damien spotted a ring on Mel’s finger which left him wondering if she was hiding something.

First Dates star
Damien spotted a ring on Mel’s finger (Credit: Channel 4)

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When Damien asked Mel about her ring, she revealed how she married herself following a tough break-up from her last boyfriend.

She explained: “I got dumped on Christmas Eve by text after a five-and-a-half-year relationship.

“And I always said to my ex-boyfriend I’m going to get married. So after I was dumped I thought, okay I’m going to go ahead with this.”

Speaking to the camera, Mel continued: “It was almost like a bit of an, ‘Up yours, I’m happy I’m on my own. I don’t need you.’ I think after two failed marriages and a series of failed long term relationships, I’ve neglected myself.

First Dates contestant
Mel said she married herself following a tough break-up from her last boyfriend (Credit: Channel 4)

“My wedding was a message of saying I’m going to celebrate me and love me and therefore the law of attraction, attracting somebody into my life, that is worthy of my love.

“It’s so empowering and it’s such a sense of fulfilment. I’m hoping whoever I’m matched with will go, ‘You’re mad, but I love it.’

“That’s the ideal reaction as to what I would want somebody to say. Maybe not you’re mad, maybe I just love the idea.”

Mel joked to Damien: “You’re thinking, ‘how the hell do I get out of this one?'”

Damien said: “No, I’m honoured. If it’s a valid way to be a better person and be more loving then that’s the right path.”

First DAtes stars
Damien praised Mel for marrying herself (Credit: Channel 4)

Taken aback by Damien’s response, Mel said: “Oh Damien, aren’t you lovely!”

Viewers were baffled by Mel’s admission that she’s married to herself.

One person wrote on Twitter: “She married herself… I don’t know if I think she’s mental or genius #firstdate @FirstDates.”

Another said: “Errrrr…did she just say she married herself?! Wtf! @FirstDates I don’t get it!! #FirstDates.”

A third tweeted: “The woman who married herself. Ok. Why? #ffs #FirstDates.”

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Others praised Mel.

One person said: “Lady on #firstdates who married herself, you are my hero! Focus on loving you first. Yes!” while another wrote: “Married herself… some say crazy but got to admire her genius, cooking and washing only for her, the arguments must be interesting though.

“Go girl and good for you. Each to their own.”

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