First Dates in Manchester, Fred Sirieix and Jessie

First Dates in Manchester: Five things viewers don’t like about new series

It's back for a new series, only this time it's in Manchester!

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First Dates is in Manchester for its brand new series, which got underway last night.

But as viewers tuned in for the first of the Channel 4 show‘s brand new episodes on Tuesday (January 19) evening, not everyone liked the changes.

Some aspects of the show were certainly different this time around, but what rattled viewers the most?

Here are five things people seemed to take issue with.

The First Dates Team
Changes to the line-up of First Dates waiting staff (Credit: Channel 4)

What did viewers moan about with First Dates in Manchester?

The waiter line-up

This series features some changes to the line-up of waiting staff.

One viewer said on Twitter: “I miss the London waiters, I’m not gonna lie. #firstdates.”

And it seems many missed former star Laura Tott, who is now focusing on her work as a paramedic.

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She told fans on Twitter last week that producers wanted to shake things up with some fresh faces. And while it left her heartbroken, she did wonder if she would’ve been able to fit it in anyway.

A number of viewers begged to have her back, though.

“Bring back Laura Tott,” said one, while another called the decision a “disaster” and someone else tweeted in support of the TV star, “Bring back Laura immediately please”.

The ‘cringe’ tone

As they watched the first episode last night, a number of viewers complained that the programme had become too ‘cringe’.

One said they felt the producers had “upped the cringe factor”.

Someone else said it was usually their favourite show, but “tonight is just cringe”.

Changes to the beloved Format

Fred’s behaviour

Host Fred Sirieix no longer walks the contestants to their dates to introduce them.

What’s happened to Fred? In London he always took the date to the bar.

In this series, which was filmed under COVID-friendly conditions, the show’s host instead merely tells the second arrival that their date is waiting for them at the bar.

Fred is back as the host as First Dates films in Manchester (Credit: Channel 4)

Some viewers missed the old format.

One said: “What’s happened to Fred? In London he always took the date to the bar to meet the other date.”

“Fred not aiming for his daily step count this series?” quipped another.

“FRED! If you EVER leave a lady to walk to her date and introduce herself again, I will stop watching First Dates FOREVER!” said a third viewer.

The new restaurant

First Dates has moved to The Refinery, a chic cocktail bar and restaurant in Manchester’s Spinningfields, having previously filmed at Paternoster Chop House in London.

Not everyone liked the look of the new place, as one viewer admitted “missing” the former location.

Not everyone liked the new First Dates restaurant in Manchester (Credit: Channel 4)

Another branded it “soulless”, while a third moaned it will “take some getting used to”.

Young couple cause a stir

The contestants

Some of the contestants also caused issues for viewers last night as viewers branded them “boring”.

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Fans of the show enjoyed watching older couple Winston and Donna and seeing Kristina’s hilarious banter with Billy. Alan and Stephen also had viewers laughing with their X-rated quips.

However, the first couple, Jessie and Josh, didn’t ignite viewers’ interest.

Hopefuls Josh and Jessie caused a stir (Credit: Channel 4)

One fumed: “This first couple are so [bleeping] boring. Lighten yourselves up.”

Another said: “Other than the older couple it’s an unlikable boring bunch tonight #FirstDates.”

Someone else tweeted. “I can’t deal with this Jessie and Josh on first dates, boring people #firstdates.”

They also annoyed viewers when they both said they won’t drink tap water.

Josh even told his date he will only drink Californian tap water.

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