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Bradley Walsh enjoys pointing out Anne Hegerty mistake on The Chase

The Governess was put in her place!

It’s not often brainiac Anne Hegerty makes a mistake on The Chase… But, when she does, Bradley Walsh will soon pull her up on it.

And the host, 58, had the chance to do just that last night (June 4) and clearly relished the opportunity!

Anne hegerty the chase
Anne totally misunderstood the question (Credit: ITV)

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During Tuesday afternoon’s usual 5pm show, chaser Anne was pitched against a new team of contestants and was seen to struggle with one of the questions.

After being asked a question everyone assumed she’d know, Anne – aka The Governess – surprised everyone by getting it WRONG.

In fact, it transpires she had misunderstood the question entirely – and Bradders was only too happy to point out her mistake.

Or some might say rub her face in it!

Bradley Walsh The Chase
Even Lyn got it right! (Credit: ITV)

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Lyn was asked the question: “Which was the second city to hold the Summer Olympics twice?”

With the answer being either London, Paris or Los Angeles.

Contestant Lyn opted for London, but then quickly wondered if she’d chosen wrong.

She said: “I wish I had said Paris now, but I thought there were two in London – one in 1948 and one in the turn of the century.”

Lyn was wrong and Anne was wrong
Lyn was wrong and Anne was wrong (Credit: ITV)

However, Lyn was correct, leaving Anne looking puzzled.

Bradley then had the rare opportunity to tell Lyn and the audience that Anne had got the question wrong!

He said: “A step closer to home. The chaser has put… Goes wrong with Paris.”

Looking baffled, Anne said: “Yeah I did think it was Paris. I thought it was Paris in 1900 and Paris in 1924 and London in 1908 and 1948.”

Bradley Walsh The Chase
Lyn was able to get one up on Anne, aka The Governess (Credit: ITV)

It soon became clear that Anne had misunderstood the question, as Bradley corrected her: “Yeah, but then London was the second city to hold the Summer Olympics twice.”

“Ohhhh,” realised Anne. “Okay. That’s me not reading the question.”

Anne soon redeemed herself, however, as she went on to wipe the floor with all four of the contestants!

Fans took to Twitter to marvel at Anne’s prowess as she “slaughtered the team” and “thrashed them”, leaving none standing for the Final Chase.

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