Emmerdale SPOILER: Are Bob and Brenda back on?

Can she forgive him for everything he's done?

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Emmerdale’s Bob Hope has been lonely since Laurel Thomas – the woman he left wife Brenda for – dumped him.

He’s been miserable and fed up, and his money problems aren’t helping.

Laurel dumped Bob after he organised the Wool Monty (Credit: ITV)

But next week there’s a glimmer of hope (ho ho) on the horizon when it looks like Brenda might be softening towards her cheating ex.

Bob and Brenda share a moment (Credit: ITV)

With nowhere else to go, Bob’s back home – though up until now Brenda has been very clear that it’s just for the sake of practicality.

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When the twins are poorly she’s glad to have Bob around, and even happier when the kids’ illness means she dodges going on a boring date with Doug.

How will Brenda respond when Bob moves in for a kiss?

The next day, Bob offers to cover Brenda’s shift in the cafe so she can care for the children and he’s obviously enjoying being back with his family.

But when the kids make it obvious that they want Bob and Brenda to get back together, Brenda’s adamant that’s never going to happen.

Bob has been struggling since Laurel broke up with him (Credit: ITV)

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Her resolve seems to waver, though, later on when the ex-spouses share a moment together.

As they cosy up on the sofa and share a bottle of wine, it looks like Brenda’s enjoying having Bob back.

When Bob moves in for a kiss how will Brenda react?

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