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Is Dom leaving Holby City? What else has actor David Ames been in?

We love Dom!

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David Ames plays Holby City favourite Dom, full name Dominic Copeland.

But what else has he been in? And is the actor about to leave the Holby?

We take a look at David’s acting career, personal life and what’s next below…

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Is David Ames leaving Holby City?

Dom Copeland suffered a devastating injury earlier this year.

The Holby City character, who’s been on the soap since 2013, was impaled during a horrific car crash.

Surviving the accident, has faced a tough road to recovery.

dom on holby city
Dom in Holby City suffered a traumatic stomach injury (Credit: BBC)

However, David doesn’t intend on leaving the show any time soon.

While speaking to Inside Soap, he said: “Dom’s very much sticking with it, and he has a lot of stuff coming up.”

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He added: “It’s a really fascinating journey that he goes on in the coming few months, and Dom has a lot to get to grips with. He’s not going anywhere for a little while.”

What has David Ames said about his character Dom?

As Dom recovers from his horrendous stomach injury, he is forced to wear a stoma.

But as a single man and living in the world of selfies and dating apps, David says Dom is struggling to adjust.

dom holby city 2021
Dom is a fan favourite (Credit: BBC)

In a separate interview with Inside Soap, David explained: “Dom’s a guy who has always struggled with feeling unloveable, and this pushes him to the limit.

“In a world of selfies, to be able to stand there with your top off and say, ‘I live with this every day, and it saved my life’, shouldn’t be taboo.”

What else has David Ames been in?

David’s other major television role was playing Nathan in Doctor Who back in 2009. He’s also served as a voice actor in a Doctor Who video game.

In addition, he had a small role in the 2008 television movie He Kills Coppers.

Is David Ames married in real life?

David is not believed to be married. Like his character Dom, he is an openly gay man.

He was dating Mikey Kenny in 2019. But judging from his recent social media postings, he appears to be currently single.

The actor previously hit back at viewers’ complaints that there were ‘too many gay characters on Holby City’.

Soap actor
Dom says he is sticking around for now! (Credit: SplashNews)

Speaking to Attitude magazine, David said: “Holby has too many gay characters.

“Take out the word gay and replace it with any other minority group and see how that sentence sounds.

“Holby doesn’t have too many gay characters – it has a well balanced, proportionate representation of society. This is nothing but bigotry.”

We don’t know much else about his personal life, other than that he said he was overweight prior to finding fame.

Speaking to Pink News, he said he was almost 16 stone as a student.

He explained: “When I finished university I was some 15 and a half stone. People looked at me differently when I was bigger.

Adding of his subsequent weight loss: “It wasn’t like ‘oh I can’t be a fat gay man’, it was ‘I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and at the moment, I don’t’.”

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