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Monday 17th June 2019

Susanna Reid slams Piers Morgan for "intrusive" question to her on GMB

She was not amused!

Piers Morgan offended his Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid today when he asked her an intrusive question about her body hair!

It came during a GMB debate about 'Januhairy', a campaign for women to grow their body hair for a month to raise money for charity.

Susanna, 48, spoke on how "women feel that from the eyebrows down they aren't allowed a follicle" compared to men.

Piers, who claimed most men don't fancy women with body hair, then chimed in with: "Do you practise what you preach? You're making a big statement that we should all be empowered and go back to body hair, are you?"

Susanna wasn't impressed with his comment (Credit: ITV)

But Susanna then told him he had overstepped the line.

She replied: "Why does it have to be about me?

"I can argue a position without talking personally about whether I get rid of my body hair. I think that's far too an intrusive question. It's intrusive and personal - stop being deliberately obtuse."

She put Piers in his place (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers weren't impressed by 53-year-old Piers' comments.

I think that's far too an intrusive question. It's intrusive and personal - stop being deliberately obtuse.

One wrote: "@piersmorgan saying that a woman’s body hair is “revolting” makes me laugh - it’s literally just hair, get over it@susannareid100 sort him out 😂."

Another added: "Trust me when I say, Piers Morgan is a lot more revolting than a little bit of female body hair."

Meanwhile, reality star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace also caused a stir on the show's panel.

She said she felt "repulsed" by fellow panellist Kate Smurthwaite's hairy armpits. The two women were on the show to give their opposing views on the topic.

Aisleyne had her say, too (Credit: ITV)

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Aisleyne said: "I'm sorry hun, it's your personal choice, but I can see them (hairs) sort of sticking out and I find it repulsive."

They battled it out on the panel (Credit: ITV)

As Kate then lifted her armpits to insist they didn't smell, Aisleyne turned away and gagged.

Between retches, she said: "No. I can't deal."

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