Torvill and Dean on Dancing On Ice 2022

Torvill and Dean issue apology over Dancing On Ice performance

It made some people feel sick!

Dancing On Ice 2022 judges Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have issued an apology to fans following their performance on the show on Sunday (January 23).

The duo’s performance made some viewers feel sick due to it being filmed by a drone. The duo took to Twitter today (Wednesday, January 26) to apologise.

Torvill and Dean’s apology

torvill and dean on dancing on ice 2022
The duo took to Twitter earlier to say sorry (Credit: ITV)

Three days after their stunning performance on Sunday’s Dancing On Ice 2022, Torvill and Dean have been forced to apologise.

They posted the apology on their Twitter, which has 111.3k followers, earlier today.

“Hello everyone. Apologies for those who felt uncomfortable watching the drone number,” they wrote.

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“We have always wanted to push boundaries with skating and technology. A new frontier for us,” they continued.

“But just to reassure everyone our next routine is back to DOI stationary cameras classic T&D.”

Many fans took to the replies to let the legendary skating duo know how they felt!

How did their followers react?

Torvill and Dean on Dancing On Ice 2022
Plenty of fans enjoyed the performance, despite the drone! (Credit: ITV)

Some fans were glad to hear of the news that their next routine would be recorded on stationary cameras.

“Glad to hear, for me it was more the fact that you couldn’t see you the skate clearly, movements and facial expressions. Watching you on ice is such a pleasure, just want to be able to see it for the perfection it is,” one tweeted.

“You don’t know if it’s gonna work or not until you try it but glad it’s going back to the classic way it doesn’t need fancy ideas when you two skate,” another said.

Another follower said that filming the dance routine was “unfortunately dreadful” and that it was like “being on a rollercoaster”.

“We just want to see your amazing skating, you are so fantastic, never stop please,” they continued.

Other viewers were quick to reassure Torvill and Dean that they didn’t need to apologise, and were complimentary of the way it had been filmed!

“You could never get a ‘between the legs’ shot with a stationary camera though. Thank god the operator was brilliant at it!” one said.

“No issues for me, amazing through the legs shot,” another said.

“I thought it was ace. Pushing the boundaries. What you two are known for. More of please,” a third said.

Torvill and Dean’s routine on Dancing On Ice 2022

torvill and dean on dancing on ice 2022
The duo applauded the drone at the end of their routine, but not many viewers did! (Credit: ITV)

For those who didn’t see it, Torvill and Dean’s performance on Sunday’s Dancing On Ice was filmed using a drone.

Usually, dances on Dancing On Ice are filmed via stationary cameras, with numerous cuts.

However, Sunday’s performance was all one long shot, with the drone following the dancing duo across the ice throughout their performance.

Whilst the results were certainly spectacular, with one incredible part where the drone flew between their legs, not many viewers were fans.

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Some found the way the performance was filmed to be dizzying, with some even saying that they felt sick watching.

Can’t cope with drone cam on #dancingonice makes me feel sick,” one said.

“Please no drone, I was really looking forward to the skate but drone made me feel travel sick,” another said.

They’ll be happy to know that they won’t have to watch another performance filmed via drone anytime soon now then!

Dancing On Ice returns Sunday, January 30 at 6pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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