Charlene White crying on Loose Women today

Charlene White breaks down on Loose Women over Boris Johnson’s Covid ‘parties’

"My family stuck by the rules"

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Loose Women host Charlene White broke down in tears on the show today (Thursday 13 January) during a discussion about Boris Johnson.

Charlene and the rest of the panel were sharing their thoughts about the PM attending a garden party in Downing Street during the first lockdown.

Speaking about her own experiences in May 2020, Charlene began crying as she revealed she was unable to hug her cousin during her aunt’s funeral.

Charlene White breaks down on Loose Women today
Charlene shared her emotional story with the panel (Credit: ITV)

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She said: “My family stuck by the rules. We had to bury family members without even being able to hug each other.

“I had to sit in a crematorium where my aunt was buried, and because I wasn’t living in the same household as my brother and my sister and my dad, in a pew by myself with my baby daughter on my lap as we were all in floods in tears and we can’t hug each other.”

Why did Charlene cry on Loose Women?

Welling up, she added: “I stood by the graveside as grave diggers were filling that grave and watching my cousin in floods of tears and not being able to hug her because we were following the rules, because we didn’t know what else to do.

Should I have just hugged my cousin?

“We were told we had to follow the rules, so we were following the rules with the understanding that those in charge were also doing the same thing.”

She then tearfully said: “Should I have just hugged my cousin?”

Charlene White breaks down on Loose Women
Linda Robson handed Charlene a tissue as she teared up (credit: ITV)

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their own feelings about Boris Johnson’s rule breaking.

“#CharleneWhite Yes yes yes most definitely. This government has treated us with utter utter contempt. Like you my boss and myself have stuck to the rules for what because I’m at a loss to understand why when our leaders ignored they’re own rules and regulations,” wrote one angry fan.

Another said: “You DO NOT and SHOULD NOT apologise for being upset and/or angry. I feel for you & your family especially how I know how our funerals usually are. You were robbed of that! I’m sorry for your loss,” tagging Charlene in the tweet.

Another added: “I buried my dad the day before the ‘party’. I was not with him when he died. Only 10 people allowed at his funeral, his own grandchildren could not attend and we sat distanced. We couldn’t even have flowers. Boris & others need to go.”

What did viewers say about it?

Yesterday the Prime Minister was forced to make a grovelling apology to the House of Commons for attending a party in the Downing Street garden.

He was brutally mocked on social after claiming he thought the party was a work event.

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