Celebrity Big Brother fans turn on Sarah Harding as she cheats on her man

Viewers did not hold back after she and Chad kissed in front of the cameras

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Celebrity Big Brother fans were not impressed when Sarah Harding locked lips with Chad Johnson.

They were angry that Sarah had cheated on the man she was dating.

“Sarah Harding: ‘I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend,” wrote one. “Also Sarah Harding: kisses another boy right in front of the camera.”

Another viewer wrote: “I really feel for Sarah Harding’s boyfriend! I would kick her to the curb if I was him #CBB.”

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Another viewer wrote: So hang on…. you lots cute little innocent victim Sarah Harding just cheated on her boyfriend on national TV.. for real? #CBB.”

Sarah and Chad were seen kissing in front of the cameras, with The Bachelorette star also inviting Sarah into his bed for a cuddle.

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Sarah’s friend, former Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, leapt to her defence and pointed out that Sarah was not in a serious relationship before entering the house.

“Usually I wouldn’t condone a girl who has a man copping off with another guy BUT Sarah Harding doesn’t have a man, she’s just been dating someone,” she wrote in The Sun.

“We all know by now she’s a sensitive soul who feels deeply and I for one was over the moon when her and Chad became friends because it was just what she needed… an ally, a mate, a confidante.”

Aisleyne also revealed that Sarah’s previous boyfriend broke up with her when she told him she would be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, and the Girls Aloud singer has only been dating this new man since then.

“I say good on ya girl,” added Aisleyne. “Go get that affection you need.”

Sarah knew that the kiss would cause drama. “I’m so screwed,” she said. “I don’t want to act like any other girl.

“Other people share beds and it’s fine. I want a cuddle. I need a cuddle. I’m just confused.”