CBB voice-over man Marcus Bentley mocks Wayne as viewers compare his eating to a “warthog”

And Marcus Bentley's had a pop at his name-dropping!

Wayne Sleep sent the internet into a frenzy during last night’s Celebrity Big Brother, during an informal chat with Amanda Barrie.

In the space of about two minutes, the showbiz legend had viewers cracking up, and then covering their eyes – that’s good going!

It’s no secret that Wayne likes to casually mention during conversation some of his famous pals.

And it’s something that even Big Brother voiceover legend Marcus Bentley has picked up on.

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Introducing the scene, Marcus said: “Wayne is name dropping… again!”

During an anecdote about buying records, Wayne happened to casually mention: “David Hockney said…”

Amanda then comically dropped a shaker of salt on the table, to highlight the namedrop.

Continuing the tale, Wayne said: “David said I’m the only person he knows with more Broadway flop records than anyone else in the world!”

He tried to continue, saying: “Stephen Sondheim gave me…” before Amanda cut him off with another well-timed clang of the salt container.

Viewers found it hilarious, with one saying: “Even Big Brother is bored with Wayne.”

However, it wasn’t the namedropping that really caught the eye of most viewers.

It was the fact that during this entire conversation, Wayne had kept stuffing his face with his breakfast!

Despite being just a few feet from Amanda, Wayne continually talked with his mouth full of food.

Viewers weren’t impressed at all, with one writing: “Wayne Sleep eats like a Warthog. Would not fancy sitting opposite him while he is talking with his mouth full, you are bound to get flecked with semi masticaded debris.” [sic]

Another wrote: “Hate how wayne chats and eats with his mouth open!!”

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Luckily, Wayne’s unusual eating habits didn’t end up getting him evicted – John Barnes was sent home in a surprise “back door eviction” instead.

So we’ve got plenty more mealtimes to enjoy with Wayne yet!