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Casualty confirms explosive double episode for series finale

And one character will be leaving

There’s good news and bad news for Casualty fans as the series finale approaches.

The good news is that the BBC medical drama has confirmed the explosive finale will be a double bill feature-length episode.

The bad news is one of the central characters will be leaving.

connie beauchamp casualty
Amanda Mealing is taking a break from her role as Connie Beauchamp in Casualty (Credit: BBC)

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On Saturday August 10, the BBC will air 90 minutes of non-stop drama as the show’s current series comes to an dramatic and emotional climax.

And Amanda Mealing’s character Connie Beauchamp will be at the centre of the whirlwind.

Viewers know that Connie’s addiction caused her to make a huge medical error – which she cruelly pinned on Duffy last week after noticing her absent-mindedness.

Connie, how could you frame lovable Duffy? (Credit: BBC)

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As Duffy doubts herself and questions her future, it looks for a minute like Connie might actually get away with her blunder.

Next week, however (August 3), Connie continues to cover her tracks as Ciaran and Archie decide to keep an eye on her, hoping to catch her out.

And with the finale the week after, it’s surely only a matter of time before Connie’s secrets start to unravel?

Amanda announced she was taking a break from filming for a while in a Twitter post earlier this year, but it’s unclear in what circumstances.

A BBC spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement which read: “As is common with long-running cast members, Amanda is taking a well-deserved break from filming with Casualty and will return in the autumn.”

Fans were gutted to hear she’d be leaving, albeit temporarily, with one saying: “If Amanda leaves Casualty, it won’t be the same again. Connie makes Casualty more interesting.”

Another said: “Connie is the only reason I watch Casualty.”

Connie Beauchamp Casualty
Connie has been hiding her addiction from everybody (Credit: BBC)

A third added: “Please say that this is the end of the current storyline and the start of bringing old Connie back. Hope you’re not leaving!”

Viewers know Connie has developed an addiction to diazepam, after battling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In an interview with, actress Amanda revealed: “Connie is broken, desperate and not herself. By the time we get to the double episode, things come to a head and we will see how affected Connie is by the whole thing.

“Archie and Ciaran are onto the fact she is over prescribing; if they get the evidence, her career is over. And to Connie, her career is everything – she has sacrificed so much for it.

“If she can’t work, she doesn’t exist; she’s nothing. What we will see in that double episode is the fact that an addict’s addiction not only affects them, but the wider group around them.

“The chaos that ensues because of her pursuit of her drug of choice – this is it. These are the consequences; there’s a huge fallout.”

The series end will bring Casualty up to speed, following the unplanned schedule change earlier in the month.

The drama was taken off air at the last minute in July when a Wimbledon match overran.

The new series will kick off the week after on Saturday, August 17.

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