Caroline Flack Her Life and Death documentary

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death documentary: Mum and sister praised

Caroline's loved ones opened up following her tragic death

The Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death documentary aired last night and saw her family open up about the late star.

The presenter‘s mum Christine and twin sister Jody emotionally spoke about Caroline’s life and her tragic death in the Channel 4 show.

Meanwhile, some of Caroline’s former colleagues and friends, including Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary, spoke about the star, who took her own life last year.

Caroline Flack mum in documentary
Viewers praised Caroline’s mum in the documentary (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened in the Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death documentary?

During the doc, a teary Christine said: “I was proud of her, she was good at her job. I like the fact that she had so many people who did really like her, didn’t they.

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“But it’s awful you don’t know that when you’re feeling really bad.”

Christine also broke down as she and Jody looked through photos of Caroline.

Caroline Flack Her Life and Death documentary
Christine broke down as they looked through photos of Caroline (Credit: Channel 4)

Meanwhile, at one part, Jody discussed Caroline being in a bad place mentally.

She said: “I think sometimes she got into a place where she needed help.

“And usually it was possible to help her. Sometimes it wasn’t.”

Viewers were left in tears watching the documentary, and praised Christine and Jody

Caroline Flack mum in documentary
Jody opened up about her late sister in the documentary (Credit: Channel 4)

One person said on Twitter: “Too sad, brave mum and sister, it’s still very raw for them.

“Please seek help if this resonates with you or someone you know.”

Another wrote: “This #CarolineFlack documentary is heartbreaking.

What did viewers say?

“Her poor mum & sister who are so brave to speak about it.”

A third commented: “Caroline’s mum and sister are so dignified. Felt their pain. Didn’t blame anyone, so brave and so heartfelt.

“Absolutely heartbreaking to watch. We all need to change & think twice before commenting on someone on social media. They’re real people with feelings.”

Others said they were “in tears” watching the show.

Caroline Flack mum
Caroline’s mum became emotional in the documentary (Credit: Channel 4)

One added: “Just watched the #CarolineFlack documentary and I’m in tears, no one deserves to be treated like she did.”

Another wrote: “#CarolineFlack watching this documentary has me in tears. Please please please be kind, you don’t know what battles someone is fighting.”

A third said: “In tears over #CarolineFlack documentary.. she was so beautiful.”

What else happened in the documentary?

Meanwhile, the show revealed a heartbreaking clip of Caroline breaking down following her arrest in 2019.

Caroline Flack
Caroline broke down following her arrest (Credit: Channel 4)

The star was arrested for alleging assaulting her then-boyfriend Lewis Burton.

In the footage, Caroline said: “It was a fight. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life.

“The only person I ever hurt was myself,” as she wiped away tears.

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