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Call The Midwife praised for tackling taboo subject of post-childbirth incontinence

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Fans of Call The Midwife have praised the show for tackling the subject of post-childbirth incontinence, which can be ’embarrassing’ and ‘upsetting’ for so many women.

Last night’s (19.01.20) episode of the hit BBC period drama featured Mrs Mohammed, a woman newly arrived from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) who is struggling with incontinence.

Call the Midwife
Mrs Mohammed lost her baby (Credit: BBC)

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During one emotional scene, Dr Turner and Nurse Crane asked her when it started and she explained: “After the baby…”

Nurse Crane, who didn’t know Mrs Mohammed had given birth, was stunned and asked: “What baby?”

Call the Midwife
Nurse Crane was a comfort to Mrs Mohammed (Credit: BBC)

“She died,” the woman told them: “Three months ago [in East Pakistan]. She was a long time coming. Four days. No hospital.”

Asked if there was anyone with her during the birth, Mrs Mohammed said: “My husband’s mother helps.

“My family, my husband’s mother, my husband are angry. He was sad for the baby but the smell is very bad. He says I must clean and wash.”

Call the Midwife
It’s something a lot of women experience (Credit: BBC)

It was a case of obstetric fistula, which according to the Fistula Foundation is a hole between the vagina and rectum or bladder caused by prolonged obstructed labor, leaving a woman incontinent of feces, urine or both.

Reacting to the emotional scenes on Twitter, viewers said they were glad to see Call the Midwife feature such an “important” topic.

All couched in good drama.

One said on Twitter: “I’m so glad to hear #CalltheMidwife had a case of #obstetricfistula on the show tonight. It is such an important topic and one that hits very close to home.”

Another wrote: “#CalltheMidwife, well done for raising the important subject of incontinence post childbirth, whether related to a fistula or not. All couched in good drama.”

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A third tweeted: “I was working towards specialising in ons & gynae med neg defence work for a few years. Some women were so upset and embarrassed about the effects of birth, particularly incontinence, they didn’t seek help for months or years, or speak to their friends. #Callthemidwife is so important.”

Series nine of Call the Midwife continues this Sunday at 8pm on BBC One

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