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BGT star Myra DuBois hits back at accusations Amanda Holden broke social distancing rules with her

Her audition was met with complaints it was staged

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BGT semi-finalist Myra DuBois has hit back at viewers who complained about her performance with Amanda Holden and said it was all Simon Cowell‘s idea.

Myra was hit by accusations that the performance with the show’s new head judge was staged and that the pair broke social distancing rules.

And, in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Daily, Myra is more than happy to admit that it was.

She also said the routine was suggested by none other than show supremo Simon Cowell.

BGT myra
BGT star Myra DuBois said her song with Amanda Holden was planned (Credit: ITV)

BGT viewers needs to ‘get a life’

Speaking exclusively to ED!, Myra had a word of advice for Britain’s Got Talent viewers who took to social media to complain.

“Oh get a frigging life!” she slammed.

She added: “It’s prime-time Saturday night television, of course it was staged, of course it was planned. Of course I said to Amanda: ‘Do you mind doing a song?'”

Myra added: “I didn’t tell her what song we were doing but I said: ‘Do you mind jumping on stage with me and singing a bit?’ Of course it was.”

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Revealing she was “a little disappointed” that Simon hasn’t played his regular role on this year’s show, Myra admitted it was actually him who suggested the reunion with Amanda.

Myra said Simon was “effusive with praise” for what she did on stage during her audition.

Simon says… duet with Amanda!

She added: “They didn’t broadcast this which I’m a little bit sad about because it would’ve given some context to what Amanda and I did.

“But he mentioned that Amanda had an album coming out so I said during the audition: ‘I’ll tell you what Simon, if you bring me back for the semi-finals I’ll do a duet with Amanda.’

“And Simon made me promise, and we did a little pinky promise. But it didn’t make it into the edit.”

Myra was quick to admit that she didn’t want to “sl*g off” viewers of Britain’s Got Talent because the show has “many wonderful viewers”.

However, she added: “But my god the sad b******ds that take to Twitter to cry on about this, that and the other.

Complaining about Alesha Dixon’s necklace because it had the audacity to suggest that black lives matter, which they do, you can put that on record.

“And people going on that we flaunted social distancing because Amanda Holden walked a little bit behind me at the end. It was hardly like we were lesbian mud wresting spitting in each other’s mouths, was it?

“She just walked a bit close to me for a moment, right in the moment of a song, and people are on Twitter going on about it. I think they need to put their phones down, go outside into a field and have a good bloody walk,” she concluded.

The duet was apparently okay’d by none other than Simon Cowell (Credit: ITV)

‘Haven’t they got anything better to do?’

It seems Myra and Amanda have quite the bond.

Myra admitted she visited the BGT star in her dressing room ahead of her audition, which she prefers to call her “cameo” on the show.

“She’s absolutely lovely. I went up to her dressing room before I went on, not to practise anything because that upsets the Great British public, just to break the ice, just to say hello.

“But what do they want?” she continued, clearly irked by our earlier question.

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“If they didn’t stage it, if it wasn’t rehearsed, they would go well this is cr*p television, they’re just making this up as they go along. Honestly, what do people want?”

Myra’s got Amanda’s back

When it comes to complaints her controversial outfits, Myra’s most definitely got Amanda’s back.

“Oh crying b*****ds, honestly. Haven’t they got anything better to do? Just enjoy your television show.

“Complaining about Alesha Dixon’s necklace because it had the audacity to suggest that black lives matter, which they do, you can put that on record.

“And they’re going on about a wonderful piece of art that Diversity created,” she continued.

“We are privileged to live in a country that has such a high level of artistry that they can put meaningful dance that carried a hard-hitting message on prime-time Saturday night entertainment.

“Do they want to go and live in Russia where it’s state-approved propaganda, because that’s what we’re heading towards.”

BGT myra
Fiery Myra has hit out at BGT viewers who complain about the show (Credit: Holly Revell)

Who she’d like to face in the finale

On a lighter note, Myra said she’s “excited” about potentially making it to the final. And, should she make it, she’s keen to share the limelight with Steve Royle and Magical Bones.

“I don’t see them as competition, I see them as friends. Steve Royal, he’s a very nice man. He slid into my DMs to say he thoroughly enjoyed my performance.

“Also Magical Bones, I know him because we’ve mixed in professional circles before. We were on the same episode, he was the judges’ choice. I don’t know whether it’s the pandemic that’s changed me, but I didn’t feel any disappointment for myself, I was just pleased for Bones, and that’s new,” she added.

“So I’ll be very pleased to share it with the two of them if I do make the final. But if I don’t, they’re the two horses that I’m backing.”

Asked if she’s started practising her routine, should she get to the final, Myra revealed she hasn’t.

“You don’t like to jinx things, so you don’t plan things down to the final letter. I’ve got an idea of what I might do,” she said.

And will it include any surprise celebrity guests?

“Oh no, we’ve already done that and look how that went.”

Britain’s Got Talent is on ITV, Saturday at 8pm.

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