Beat The Chasers questions too hard

Beat The Chasers: Viewers complain that questions are ‘too hard’ for contestants

One rule for contestants and another for the Chasers?

Beat The Chasers has come under fire from viewers who have accused the show of making the questions too hard for contestants.

The hit ITV spin-off of The Chase has been daily viewing for quiz fans.

But now, after another night of near misses, viewers felt compelled to have a word.

What on TV tonight? Beat The Chasers
Are the questions too easy for the Chasers? (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Beat The Chasers last night?

In last night’s show (January 6), a host of contestants fell by the wayside.

One contestant even bowed out at the first hurdle after answering his opening cash-builder question incorrectly.

Rohit was asked: “In rowing, making a faulty stroke in which the oar is jammed underwater is known as what?”

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He chose the incorrect answer “smacking seaweed” when the actual answer was “catching crabs”.

Elsewhere, contestant Lianne from London put in a brilliant performance, but viewers thought that her questions were too hard.

How did viewers react?

Disgruntled viewers quickly took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

One said: “The format is flawed. Most of those questions at the start are ridiculously hard – certainly not ‘General Knowledge’.

“Get the first one wrong and you are out – grossly unfair.

“What you score is virtually irrelevant. Definite room for improvement.”

Beat The Chasers questions too hard
Rohit fell at the first hurdle (Credit: ITV)

Another thought The Chasers are getting the easy questions.

Contestants get ridiculously hard questions compared to the experts.

“They obviously didn’t want to give her any money.

“Ridiculously hard questions compared to the experts #beatthechasers,” one viewer said.

A third viewer said: “#BeatTheChasers how are the questions done?

“So many people who are actually intelligent getting stupid hard questions, and other people winning thousands getting much simpler questions?”

Shame on them!

Another viewer felt sorry for Rohit, who was eliminated after his first cash-builder question.

The viewer tweeted: “I felt sorry for the guy who got knocked out after the first question.

“He had a hard question about rowing.

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“The first question is normally dead easy but that was so hard.

“Shame on the people who set the question #BeatTheChasers.”

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