Beat the Chasers 2022 player looks gutted as Bradley Walsh has his head in his arms

Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh gutted as player loses out on thousands by a second

It was so close!

Beat the Chasers 2022 host Bradley Walsh looked gutted as a contestant lost out on thouands by just one second.

During Thursday night’s show, Frankie went up against some of the Chasers in the hope of bringing home £15,000.

Frankie explained to Brad that he wanted to treat his wife and his twin brother and his partner to a roadtrip to California.

Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant Frankie looking gutted after losing money
Frankie lost out on £15,000 with just a second remaining (Credit: ITV)

Beat the Chasers 2022

After Frankie’s first round, the Chasers put their offers forward.

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Despite being offered a huge £75,000 to take on five Chasers, Frankie opted for a lower offer.

He decided to go up against three Chasers – Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbett – for £15,000.

Bradley Walsh and Beat the Chasers 2022 player look towards the Chasers after losing thousands
So close! (Credit: ITV)

While Frankie had 60 seconds on his clock, the three Chasers wanted 40 seconds.

He said: “I’m not a greedy man, I’m going to take on three Chasers please Brad.”

Frankie was doing amazing during the round and it got down the final few seconds.

However, with just five seconds remaining, Frankie got an answer wrong and time ran out before Bradley could ask another question.

The Chasers as well as Bradley looked gutted for Frankie.

Bradley Walsh puts his head on his hands on Beat the Chasers 2022
Brad looked gutted (Credit: ITV)

Bradley put his head in his arms as the Chasers gave Frankie a standing ovation for his efforts.

Bradley told the player: “I’m gutted for you mate. Absolutely gutted.”

Frankie admitted: “I thought I had it mate.”

Bradley said: “Me too. Couldn’t have been much closer than that, a split second.”

Darragh Ennis – aka The Menace – told Frankie: “You did everything right there, the right offer, you didn’t get blinded by the money.

“When you didn’t know something, you gave a clever guess. It’s literally a split second away from winning the money. You’re really unlucky.”

Viewers were also devastated for Frankie on Twitter.

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One person said: “Totally devastated for Frankie… Just 1 second.”

Another wrote: “Never have I been so devastated about a loss.”

Beat the Chasers continues on ITV, tonight, from 9pm.

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