Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant looking at Bradley Walsh

Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant makes confession to Bradley Walsh after huge £60k win

An amazing performance!

A Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant made a touching confession to Bradley Walsh following her incredible win.

Melissa appeared on Wednesday night’s show as she took on five Chasers to hopefully win a whopping £60,000.

The Chasers offered Melissa the £60k but they wanted 43 seconds on their clock. She would have 60 seconds.

Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant Melissa looking nervous
Melissa decided to take on five Chasers last night (Credit: ITV)

Beat the Chasers 2022

Speaking to Bradley about the offer on Beat the Chasers, she said: “I’ve always said go high and I’m going to stick with what I’ve said and I am going to go for the sixty grand.”

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Bradley looked chuffed as the audience applauded Melissa.

Melissa then went up against the Chasers and she was on fire!

Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant celebrates after winning £60,000 on show
Melissa won an incredible £60k (Credit: ITV)

It came down to the final few seconds and after Melissa managed to get an answer in with just one second remaining on her clock, the Chasers ran out of time.

This meant Melissa had bagged the £60,000.

She watched The Chase every day and she would have been so proud.

She became emotional as she hugged Bradley while the Chasers gave her a standing ovation.

Melissa then made a touching confession to host Bradley.

Beat the Chasers 2022 contestant holding hands with Bradley Walsh after win
Melissa said her late grandma was a huge fan of Bradley’s (Credit: ITV)

Bradley on Beat the Chasers

She said: “My grandma passed away a couple of years ago, she was 101 and she was such a big fan of yours.

“She watched The Chase every day and she would have been so proud.”

Bradley replied: “Yeah, she would have been really proud of you. Everyone is proud of you.

“That was great. She’s looking down on you now that’s for sure.”

He added: “I’ve got to say, you nailed it. There was some unbelievable answers there. You have beaten the Chasers.”

Viewers watching were also delighted for Melissa and praised her on Twitter.

One person said: “She truly deserves it… I’m so happy for Melissa. This has to be one of the most heartwarming wins ever.”

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Another wrote: “Ahhh what a performance from Melissa on #BeatTheChasers had me welling up when she said about her gran, she’d be so proud.”

A third commented: “Well done to Melissa for keeping her cool and winning with 1 second left on the clock. Games like hers are the reason we all fell in love with #BeatTheChasers in the first place.”

Beat the Chasers continues on ITV, tonight, at 9pm.

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