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BBC News in embarrassing subtitles blunder during House of Commons coverage

Could the superhero do a better job than Theresa May?

BBC News bosses might want to sleep with one eye open for the next few days after upsetting several leading politicians – and one of the most famous superheroes of all time.

On Wednesday (16 January), during coverage of the Confidence Vote debate in Parliament, Michael Gove hit out at Jeremy Corbyn after Theresa May’s Brexit plan was defeated by a majority of 230.

But the subtitles seemed to have a mind of their own, leading to some red faces at the news channel.

We wouldn’t mess with Batman, if we were you Michael (Credit: BBC)

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As Environment Secretary Michael continued to throw shade at the Labour leader, he said: “No way can this country ever allow that man to be our Prime Minister.”

However, the subtitles read: “No way can this country ever allow Batman to be our Prime Minister.”

Which is a shame, actually, as we think the Dark Knight would make a fantastic leader!

Batman for PM? The petition starts here! (Credit: BBC)

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Luckily viewers took the the subtitles error in good humour, as it provided them with some much needed light relief amongst the heated political debate.

One said: “Excellent subtitle error as Michael Gove winds down no confidence debate.”

Another said: “I for one am happy to allow Batman to be our Prime Minister.”

A third said: “A subtitle error or an actual proposal from Gove? #michaelgove #batman.”

“Batman for Prime Minister!” called another. “He’s the Prime Minister we need, but not the one we deserve.”

“Sorry Gove, I disagree, we should absolutely make Batman Prime Minister,” laughed yet another.

It’s not the first time the BBC has had subtitle bloopers, since they switched to an automated system which electronically converts speakers’ sentences into text.

Last year, the subtitles read that Mr Corbyn “admired Prince Harry and Hezbollah” as he congratulated Meghan and Harry on their engagement.

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