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American Murder on Netflix: What is life in prison like for Chris Watts?

Watts murdered his wife Shanann and their children in 2018

American Murder: The Family Next Door is horrifying Netflix viewers with its heartbreaking story of a seemingly loving dad who killed his wife and daughters.

The true-crime film, released on the streaming platform in September, sheds light on the investigation into the 2018 Watts family murders.

Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife, Shanann, before ending the lives of his little girls, Bella, four and Celeste, three.

At the time, he was having an affair with girlfriend Nichol Kessinger. It is believed he killed his family in order to be with her.

American Murder Netflix
American Murder on Netflix tells the story of the Watts family murders (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Is Chris Watts still in Prison?

Yes, Watts committed his crimes in 2018 and is serving five life sentences.

He is still doing time at Dodge Correctional Institution, a maximum-security facility in Waupun, Wisconsin.

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Watts was previously at a prison in Colorado, but authorities moved him for security reasons.

American Murder Netflix
Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife and two children (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

What is life in prison like for Chris Watts?

According to People, he is kept on lockdown for 23 hours a day.

He has little to do in his cell, but is allowed to have pictures of his family next to his bed and also a Bible.

A source told the publication that Watts knows he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and feels hopeless that his circumstances will change.

American Murder Netflix
Watts pleaded guilty to his crimes (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Could Chris Watts ever be released from prison?

Chris Watts is unlikely to ever get out of prison.

People reported that Watts was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

He received five life sentences, three of which he is serving consecutively, along with an additional 85 years.

American Murder Netflix
A view of the scene where Watts hid the bodies of his wife and children (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

What happened to Chris Watts’ girlfriend?

Nichol Kessinger, Watts’ girlfriend, featured in the Netflix documentary.

She was his colleague when he worked at Anadarko Petroleum.

The Tab reported that, because she helped the police with their investigation, she is living under witness protection. She reportedly has a new address and identity.

American Murder Netflix
Watts did not have a history of domestic violence (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Do Chris Watt’s parents still visit him?

It’s not known if Chris Watts’ parents, Ronnie and Cindy, still visit him in prison.

After he admitted he was guilty, which meant he avoided death penalty, his parents voiced doubts over his guilt.

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At the time, Cindy told ABC7 that she advised her son not to confess if he didn’t do it, but his defence attorney shut her down.

Ronnie said Chris should let the prosecution prove his guilt if he didn’t murder his family.

Did Chris Watt’s have a history of violence?

Chris Watts did not have a history of violence. A large proportion of men who kill their families don’t have a known history of domestic violence, according to Rolling Stone.

The publication reported there was no indications that Watts was violent toward his wife and daughters before the murders.

American Murder Netflix
Shanann was pregnant when her husband murdered her (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Has Chris Watts ever shown remorse?

A source told People that Watts, who has found religion while behind bars, is reflecting on his “sins”. They added: “A day doesn’t go by — a minute doesn’t go by — where he doesn’t think about his family.”

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