Appropriate Adult Monica Dolan

Appropriate Adult: Viewers praise ‘brilliant’ Monica Dolan as Rose West

The ITV drama first aired in 2011

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Appropriate Adult viewers were amazed by star Monica Dolan and her portrayal of killer Rose West as the ITV drama concluded last night (Wednesday, September 23).

The two-part programme, first shown in 2011, aired again this week to coincide with ITV’s documentary Rose West & Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story with Trevor McDonald.

Appropriate Adult Monica Dolan
Monica Dolan played Rose West in ITV’s Appropriate Adult (Credit: ITV)

What did Appropriate Adult viewers think of Monica Dolan as Rose West?

Those watching at home were stunned by Monica Dolan’s performance as Rosemary West, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for her part in the horrific murders.

In the first episode, viewers saw how Rose could be gripped with fits of rage.

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In one scene, she flew off the rails at ‘appropriate adult’ Janet Leach (Emily Watson), who had been to the Wests’ home to fetch some clothes for her.

But in the second episode, Monica’s scenes involved her sitting quietly in the courtroom – at times staring coldly at Janet.

Viewers thought it was a quietly masterful portrayal.

Appropriate Adult Monica Dolan
Those watching hailed Monica Dolan’s ‘amazing’ performance (Credit: ITV)

Viewers praise ‘brilliant’ Monica Dolan

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “Rose West actress is so good. You can practically feel the underlying rage from her when she’s staring at Janet. #appropriateadult.”

Another replied in agreement: “I remember her as Miss Gilchrist in Agatha Christie’s After The Funeral. She was brilliant in that too. #AppropriateAdult.”

A third said: “The portrayal of Rose West is just amazing. #AppropriateAdult.”

Rose West actress’ BAFTA-winning performance

Someone else tweeted: “Won’t lie, the actress playing Rose West is doing a good job, scary as [bleep]! #AppropriateAdult.”

Monica Dolan
Actress Monica Dolan won a BAFTA for her portrayal of Rose West (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

A fifth, critical of the drama as a whole, said: “The only way #AppropriateAdult is realistic is in portraying Rose as a psychopath. As someone who lived in Crowmwell Street, people actually crossed the street when they saw Rose coming. She had an aura of pure evil about her.”

Another said: “Whoever the casting director was for #appropriateadult got it on the money.”

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Monica Dolan went on to win a Supporting Actress BAFTA for her performance as Rose West.

Actor Dominic West, who played Rose’s husband Fred, nabbed Leading Actor BAFTA.

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