Alison Hammond Back to School

Alison Hammond Back to School: Star teases own ITV series after documentary

Urges viewers to accept black history as part of British history

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Alison Hammond hinted at a ITV series after saying her documentary Back to School is her proudest work.

The Brummie star reflected earlier today (Tuesday, October 6) on how pleased she has been to make a show about black history.

Appearing on This Morning as a guest rather than a presenter, Alison admitted filming Back to School was educational for her, too.

She previously told the Mirror how her own schooling had not included much in the way of teaching about black history.

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Alison said: “At school, I wasn’t interested in history, but one million per cent I would have chosen it as an option if the people on this show were part of the syllabus because I can relate to them.”

But today Alison explained how an understanding of black history is fundamental to understanding the history of Britain.

This is your history, this is my history. This is British history.

She told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “We don’t really need a black history month, we just need history.

“And these black figures can just be woven into history, and they sit really nicely.”

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Why Alison Hammond feels privileged to make Back to School

Alison also explained that the programme follows the curriculum and looks at black history in a variety of periods. They include Tudor and Victorian times, and World War One.

She continued: “These are hidden figures we don’t know about, but they did extraordinary things.

“I just feel so privileged that I have the opportunity to bring their stories alive.

“And it also shows you about your history – because this is your history. This is my history. This is British history that we all just need to embrace.”

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‘History can stay as it is’

Asked about her opinion on revisionism, Alison deftly noted not everything has to be part of a culture war.

She responded: “For me, history can stay exactly how it is and we can just incorporate certain things that we didn’t know about.

“And I’m not just talking about black history. There’s a lot of Indian history that we don’t know about. And Jewish history. Chinese history…”

With a smile, Alison went on to joke she might be able to make more programmes on similar subjects.

“Maybe this is a series, ITV!” she teased.

She continued: “I just personally think – I’m a black woman, I wanted to do something on black figures who did amazing things.

“And out of everything I’ve done career-wise, this is probably my proudest moment really.”

Mum Alison also previously told how her son Aidan was much more clued up on black history than her, before she got involved with the programme.

She told the Mirror: “He educates me. With the internet and everything, the kids of today are on it. There is nothing that Aidan doesn’t know.”

Alison Hammond: Back to School airs tonight, Tuesday October 6, at 9pm on ITV

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