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Aidan Maguire to return and MURDER Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders?

Richard Blackwood is bowing out of the soap

EastEnders fans are seriously worried about the future of Vincent Hubbard now the former bar owner has grassed Phil Mitchell and Aidan Maguire to the police.

Is Vincent going to be killed off? (Credit: BBC)

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Desperate for money Vincent returned to his police informant roots to tell all about the New Year’s heist and Luke Browning.

As we know actor Richard Blackwood will be departing the BBC One soap in the very near future and viewers are now convinced he’s sealed his fate by grassing Aidan.

Aidan already had it in for Vincent after his previous work as informant landed his brother in prison where he killed himself.

When Aidan arrived in Walford, he had a clear plan that he wanted to make Vincent pay for what he’d done.

EastEnders' Aidan Maguire will soon be leaving Walford
Is he coming back to finish Vincent off? (Credit: BBC)

Vincent was lucky to get out alive once, but now fans are convinced the hobbling Irishman will be back to finish the job!

Viewers took to social media to predict that not only would Aidan return, but Vincent would be leaving in a box.

“Vincent Vincent you have sealed your fate now and will be sent to purgatory for playing with the deadliest fire! Phil has called Aidan so Vincent better be prepared for a Jigsaw style death,” one fan darkly predicted.

Another added: “I have a feeling Aidan will return before Vincent’s exit….”

And a third said: “Vincent grassing on Phil and Aidan means he’s leaving in a box.”

EastEnders will air the conclusion to Vincent’s story this week, but just how will he be departing? Cab or coffin?

Richard Blackwood announced he’d be leaving Walford after three years of playing Vincent earlier this year.

He told The Mirror at the time: “I have loved every minute of my time at EastEnders and although I will be sad to say goodbye, after three years it feels the right time to leave.

Richard has been in the show for three years (Credit: BBC)

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“I have been truly blessed with some great storylines since the moment I joined but when I was presented with my last story I knew it was time for Vincent to depart Walford.”

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 EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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