Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street

Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street: Where has he been and why is he really back?

Is he telling the truth about what he's been up to lately?

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Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street was last seen leaving Weatherfield in a taxi, intending to start his own restaurant.

He’d gone along with his in-laws’ pleas to stay married to wife Rana, even though he knew she was gay and was having an affair with Kate Connor.

Zeedan drew up a contract with Rana’s parents – to the disgust of her brother Imran Habeeb – for the pair to remain married if they funded his restaurant.

Rana and Kate continued to see each other and Zeedan turned a blind eye.

Zeedan loved Rana but she wasn’t being true to herself (Credit: ITV)

But he eventually left Weatherfield for good.

He didn’t return when Rana was killed in the factory roof collapse, nor when his grandmother Yasmeen Nazir suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her husband Geoff Metcalfe and ended up having a heart attack when she was in prison for his attempted murder.

Now, though, he’s back. But like all good soap returnees, it seems he’s hiding a secret.

Who plays Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street?

Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street is played by Qasim Akhtar who was a successful actor before he joined the Weatherfield soap.

Chris Bisson, who has been in Emmerdale and Corrie, acted in Shameless alongside Qasim (Credit: ITV)

Qasim played Chesney Karib in C4 drama Shameless.

His on-screen parents were played by fellow soap stars Kelli Hollis, who played Ali Spencer in Emmerdale and Chris Bisson who played Vikram Desai in Corrie and currently plays Jai Sharma in Emmerdale.

He also had roles in Waterloo Road and Mischief Night.

Zeedan Nazir’s top Corrie storylines

Zeedan arrived in Coronation Street following dad Kal Nazir. He didn’t approve of Kal’s relationship with Leanne Battersby, though he did eventually come round.

He was also dubious about sister Alya’s romance with Gary Windass but grew to accept that, too.

Zeedan’s dad Kal (played by Jimi Mistry) was killed in a fire (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

After Kal was killed in a fire at the flat he shared with Leanne, Zeedan proved a bit support to his stepmum-to-be.

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He helped her deal with her abuse at the hands of adopted son Simon Barlow and in return she got him a job at Nick’s Bistro.

Rana was eventually honest with Zeedan and he was heartbroken (Credit: ITV)

Zee married Rana Habeeb in 2016, but their marriage fell apart because Rana was gay and having a secret romance with Kate Connor.

Where has Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street been?

At Rana’s funeral, Alya said that Zeedan couldn’t come to pay tribute to his ex-wife, because he was in France.

And Yasmeen mentioned that Zeedan had tied the knot again. However we don’t know much about his second wife or whether she’ll be returning to Weatherfield with him.

What’s Zeedan hiding?

Zee arrives just in the nick of time when a flustered Alya has been scammed out of all Speed Dahl’s money.

And he immediately offers to bail his sister out.

Zeedan’s back in Weatherfield but what is he hiding? (Credit: ITV)

But Zeedan is hiding something? How come he’s got all this money to spare, where is his wife, and what’s he been up to?

We’re pretty sure he’s not telling the whole truth. What do you think?

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