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Sharon Geary in Coronation Street: Rick Neelan’s right-hand woman is back on-screen but who is she?

Could Kelly Neelan be about to discover that Gary Windass killed her dad Rick?

Sharon Geary in Coronation Street is back on screen when she comes to confront Gary Windass. Could she be about to spill the beans about what happened to her former associate?

Sharon worked for Rick Neelan (Credit: ITV)

But who is she? And what is her link to Gary Windass?

Sharon Geary in Coronation Street v Gary Windass

Rick Neelan’s former right-hand woman worked as one of the loan shark’s debt collectors. Sharon, who’s played by actor Naomi Cooper-Davis was Rick’s ‘enforcer’ when things got nasty!

She helped Rick call in Gary Windass’s debts back when he owed Rick some money, taking his tools  and even forcing him to sign over his van, too.

Coronation Street's Gary Windass kidnapped and tortured by evil Rick Neelan
Sharon was there when Rick kidnapped and tortured Gary (Credit: ITV)

When Sarah Platt – Gary’s fiancee at the time – teamed up with Leanne and Toyah Battersby to search Rick’s office, Sharon ended up being knocked unconscious by Sarah!

She realised who was behind the break in and spilled the beans to Rick, who turned the screws on Gary and kidnapped the bolshy builder.

But Sharon proved she wasn’t all bad, when she realised Rick planned to murder Gary and scarpered. She even called the police!

Sharon and Rick’s death

Just a few weeks later, another confrontation between Rick and Gary left Rick dead and Gary responsible.

Coronation Street Gary kills Rick
The feud between Rick and Gary ended with Rick dead and Gary burying him in the woods (Credit: ITV)

Gary took over Rick’s office and began working as a loan shark himself. And when Sharon realised what he was up to, she became suspicious.

Eventually Gary fessed up to killing Rick in self defence, meaning Sharon is one of the few people to know the truth about Mr Neelan’s demise.

Sharon and Kelly

Gary told Sharon he’d look out for Kelly, which is why she turns up in the Street this week, furious to discover the tormented teenager is behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit.

Sharon goes to visit Kelly in prison (Credit: ITV)

Sharon’s annoyed with Gary and accuses him of not looking out for Kelly properly.

And later she goes to see Kelly in prison. She tells her there was an anonymous donation to her appeal fund, which Kelly thinks came from her dad. Of course, we all know it was Gary’s dosh but Kelly doesn’t.

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And when Kelly’s new friend Mia clocks Sharon, she is scared.

Kelly tells her Sharon worked for her dad, and Mia announces that Rick was responsible for her own mum’s death – and he’s the reason she’s inside!

Mia in Coronation Street
Kelly’s new friend Mia admits she knows Rick Neelan (Credit: ITV)

Ms Neelan reassures her new pal that Rick’s nothing to worry about and she reckons he’s holed up in Spain. But Mia drops a bombshell, telling Kel that she’s convinced someone’s done away with nasty Neelan.

Of course, Kelly immediately calls Gary and demands to know what he knows. But will Gary – or Sharon spill the beans?

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