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Monday 17th February 2020

Neighbours SPOILER: Final Izzy Hoyland twist revealed before she exits Erinsborough again

One last bombshell from Izzy turns Karl and Susan's lives upside down...

She's caused nothing but trouble since the moment she stepped foot in Ramsay Street - and although Izzy Hoyland is set to bow out of the show next week, there's just one more bombshell she's set to drop before she goes...

As Karl and Susan struggle with the reality that Izzy could be pregnant with Karl's baby after she stole his sperm from a hospital fertility trial, the couple face an agonising wait to see what her pregnancy test results reveal.

It's the moment of truth when Izzy takes a pregnancy test (Credit: Channel 5)

Susan is full of relief when Izzy reluctantly reveals that she isn't pregnant after all, and her DIY bid to have a baby didn't work.

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But despite the fact Izzy isn't having Karl's baby, that doesn't mean she's out of the Kennedys lives quite yet...

Izzy's upset when the test is negative (Credit: Channel 5)

Inviting Karl up to her hotel room under the pretence that they need to settle the bill, Izzy's soon up to her old tricks and is using her charm to try and seduce Karl once again.

But when Karl sees through her games and knocks her back, he's stunned when Ms Hoyland reveals she never really wanted a baby, it's him she wants!

Izzy tries to charm Karl one last time - but luckily Karl sees through her games (Credit: Channel 5)

Despite the fact Izzy has finally come clean about the fact she wants to reunite with Karl, the good doctor puts her in her place, telling Izzy that Susan is the woman for him. Hurrah!

But in true Izzy Hoyland style, Izzy doesn't take Karl's rejection well and there is one last departing shock from the single mum before she leaves town.

Izzy has one last bombshell for the Kennedys (Credit: Channel 5)

When Susan decides to kill her love rival with kindness and invites her to stay in Erinsborough with Holly and try out a life as a suburban mum, Izzy can't think if anything worse and makes a run for it.

But before she goes, Karl catches her sneaking out of town... without Holly!

Karl is stunned that Izzy was going to leave Ramsay Street without so much as saying goodbye to their daughter - let alone actually take her with her.

Izzy leaves - but what's next for Karl and Susan? (Credit: Channel 5)

Izzy argues that Holly will be better off with Karl and Susan - but as she jumps into a cab and makes a hasty retreat from the street, how will her daughter, Holly feel about being so cruel abandoned by her own mum?

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Once again Karl and Susan are left to pick up the pieces - will their marriage manage to survive this final blow from Izzy?

Watch Izzy's final scenes in Neighbours on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March at 1.45 and 5.30pm, Channel 5.

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