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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Neighbours SPOILER: Paul Robinson's four ex-wives to return in revenge plot

Even his dead first wife will make an 'appearance'

Paul Robinson is in for a shock in Neighbours when four of his five ex-wives make a return to Erinsborough.

As he prepares to get his 'fairy-tale ending' by marrying Terese Willis, the wives are not about to let that happen - they're here for revenge.

His second wife, Gail Lewis, arrives today (Wednesday August 21) 12 years after her last appearance, and she claims she's there to get to know granddaughter Harlow.

Gail is back (Credit: Channel 5)

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Paul's fourth wife, Lyn Scully will turn up the following week, under the guise of interviewing employees for The Retreat.

However, after a confrontation with Terese, it soon becomes clear that's not her true reason for being in town.

After warning Terese not to marry Paul, Lyn goes on to tell Paul himself that he's broken and he should let Terese go before it's too late.

The ex-wives are coming - watch out Paul!

Susan and Karl are worried about Lyn's true intentions (Credit: Channel 5)

Paul accuses her of being jealous, but is that the real reason she's against his wedding?

As Lyn tells Sheila Canning Paul's luck is about to run out, it seems there are definitely plans afoot as third wife, Christina Alessi, and her twin sister Caroline, will also be back.

The Alessi twins are back! (Credit: Channel 5)

And two new promotional videos released by the soap reveal his fifth wife, Rebecca Napier, will also be returning!

Something strange is going on...

Paul knows something isn't right as well, as he says to Karl: "I'm about to get married and three of my exes hit town?"

He's later seen looking at a photo of his first wife, Terry, who took her own life off-screen, and saying: "Five women I've failed..."

Is he having doubts about making Terese his sixth wife?

Of course, there's another famous man who's had six wives - King Henry VIII and the soap have put together a brilliant promotional video of Paul as the serial marrier with all his wives tormenting him!

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It's clear the women are scheming and planning something and it's affecting Paul's mental health.

Will he abandon Terese? Or will he push ahead and marry the latest love of his life?

And what exactly are the ex-wives club planning?

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