Linda Carter arrested for shooting Stuart Highway in EastEnders

Linda Carter arrested for shooting Stuart!

The Carters were rocked as Linda was lead away by police

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EastEnders fans were left stunned on Friday night as Queen Vic landlady Linda Carter was arrested for attempting to murder vile Stuart Highway.

Linda Carter arrested in EastEnders
Linda was stunned as she was lead away (Credit: BBC)

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Stuart was shot in the pub during Monday night’s episode and – at the moment – no one has a clue who pulled the trigger.

Linda is one of the suspects and has been acting particularly shady,throwing the gun in the canal and lurking around listening in while the police grilled her husband Mick over the incident.

There are many theories about what happened, including some fans thinking Stuart actually pulled the trigger on himself to frame one of the Carters.

Poor Linda was read her rights right in the middle of the Square as the locals looked on in amazement.

Linda was arrested in front of the whole square (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile fans turned on Keanu Taylor, blaming him for her arrest after he witnessed her ditching the gun.

The mechanic revealed to his older lover Sharon Mitchell that he was considering going to the police about what he witnessed.

He told her: “What the hell was she doing throwing something into the canal in the middle of the night? What if it was the gun? What if she killed someone and I did nothing?”

Sharon told him that you don’t rat on your friends before Keanu pointed out that Linda isn’t his friend.

Did he ignore her and go to the police with what he saw? He won’t be very popular with fans if that is the case.

Linda Carter in EastEnders

“Will be fuming if Keanu set Linda up causing her arrest,” raged one viewer.

Another added: “Keanu called the cops on Linda. Sharon won’t like that.”

And a third commented: “If Keanu dobbed Linda in then he can do one!”

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Stuart remains in a critical condition in hospital after almost bleeding to death in the Vic cellar.

Will he come round and do the decent thing and reveal who really shot him? Or will he punish Mick by letting Linda take the blame?

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EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One

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