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Lachlan White from Emmerdale and other soap killers who could return

These killers are all out there still

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It is safe to say that soaps Emmerdale, EastEnders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks have more than their fair shares of killers.

Each place makes Midsomer look like an attractive option for professional victims.

Most get caught – with the majority ending up dead.

But even in soap land some killers do survive – and they could return to continue the killings.

Emmerdale soap serial killer Lachlan White
Emmerdale soap serial killer Lachlan White could yet return (Credit: ITV)

Lachlan White

It wouldn’t be fair to call Lachlan the literal worst serial killer in soap history. Mainly because John Stape exists.

However he’s definitely the worst surviving serial killer.

Once described as a “Youth Training Scheme rapist” by Nicola King, Lucas is whiny and annoying.

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But he’s in prison and could come back to haunt his surviving victims at any point in the future.

Though hopefully Meena will still be around and she could kill him for sport.

Lucas Johnson is a reformed soap serial killer (Credit: BBC)

Lucas Johnson

Don’t call it a comeback – because he’s already had one of those and it wasn’t too bad.

When it was first announced that the murderer of women and imprisoner of Denise Fox was making a return, it was met with scepticism.

But he seems to have actually changed and he didn’t murder anyone.

Of course now his daughter Chelsea is pregnant with a serial killer’s baby so perhaps it’s only a matter of time before he returns to the family business in EastEnders.

Dot has got away with two killings – but will she back for more? (Credit: BBC)

Dot Cotton

For she IS a serial killer – and a successful one at that.

She first offed her best friend Ethel in 2000 – and it seemed like it was Ethel’s idea but clearly it was just Dot’s bloodlust beginning.

And then for 14 years her need to kill grew and she finally killed again – this time taking the life of her own son.

She served 14 months in prison for the crime and later moved to Ireland.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the murder rate in the country has shot up since Dot arrived, and she remains at large.

Silas Blissett

For 10 years Silas has terrorised Hollyoaks with his murders.

And he survived – which is rare for one of the Channel 4 soap’s villains.

Usually they meet their end and a new killer pops along to take their place, but not with Silas.

Not only does he kill his own victims – but he also kills other serial killers who don’t live up to his standards.

It is a never-ending shame that he never got to face off against Breda McQueen before her death, because that would have been a match made in hell.

However he could still return…

Corey Brent is in prison now – but he could be released (Credit: ITV)

Corey Brent

Technically Corey isn’t a serial killer – but he did try to kill Abi, and he clearly has the potential – so that’s as good as.

He’s finally confessed his ills and been sent to prison for Seb Franklin’s brutal murder.

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And in soapland that sets him up for a return down the road.

It even means he could be redeemed – but is that likely? Or will Corey kill again?

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