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Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street: Why did he leave and will he ever return?

Jason was last seen in 2016

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Jason Grimshaw was in Coronation Street from 2000 until 2016.

In tonight’s episode of the soap (Friday, July 9 2021) Eileen mentioned her oldest son Jason.

She revealed that he had got involved in an online scam and lost a load of money.

It’s been five years since Jason was last seen on-screen, but will he ever return to the cobbles?

Who is Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street?

Jason is Eileen’s son (Credit: ITV)

Jason is the son of Eileen Grimshaw and Tony Stewart. Tony died in 2015.

He is also the older half-brother of Todd Grimshaw.

The character was played by actor Ryan Thomas.

Jason’s relationships

Throughout his 16 years on the street, Jason had relationships and flings with some of the Weatherfield women including Candice Stowe, Violet Wilson, Eva Price, Becky McDonald and Alya Nazir.

However the only woman he married was Sarah Platt.

In 2006 Sarah and Jason planned to marry, but he ended up escaping through the Registry Office toilet window.

The following year they did get married, despite Sarah’s brother David attempting to ruin the wedding.

Sarah and Jason married in 2007 (Credit: Mark Campbell/Shutterstock/ITV)

Jason, Sarah and her daughter Bethany went to leave for Milan in December 2007 after Sarah got a job with her uncle Stephen.

However Jason backed out when Sarah admitted she planted drugs in David’s drawer at the salon so that Stephen’s job offer wouldn’t go to him.

Sarah and Bethany left and later Jason and Sarah got divorced.

Where is Jason now?

Tony is Jason’s father (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2016, Callum Logan’s mates wanted revenge after it was believed Jason’s dad Tony killed Callum.

However Tony wasn’t responsible for Callum’s death (Kylie Platt was), but he had died just two months after Callum did and wasn’t able to defend himself.

Jason’s van was torched in the builder’s yard and he believed it was Callum’s mates – but it was actually manipulative Pat Phelan.

Pat convinced Jason to leave Weatherfield and leave him in charge of the builder’s yard. Jason soon headed off for Thailand and hasn’t returned.

Jason left Weatherfield in 2016 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Will Jason ever return?

While Jason hasn’t returned, actor Ryan Thomas revealed earlier this year that he was shamed into giving up acting.

Speaking on Mancs on the Mic show he said: “It’s so hard for me. I started off acting. I started off in that game and I really lost the bug for it.

He added: “I feel the reason for losing the bug is rejection and going to auditions and not getting them.”

Ryan also revealed that reading negative comments knocked his confidence when he joined Neighbours, as he hadn’t received negative comments during his Corrie days.

He said: “I went over to do Neighbours and I just saw on social media and there were just quite negative comments towards me and my acting.

Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas revealed he’s no longer acting (Credit: SplashNews.com)

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“I’ve never had that before because social media wasn’t around. I never got it in Corrie because I never had social media when I was in Corrie.

“If I did, it was at the end but I was so established there that people saw me as fixtures and fittings, so I never really got that sort of negative criticism.

“It happens in all aspects but I just found it really really hard to deal with at first.”

Will Ryan return to acting?

He added: “I always think, ‘Oh it’ll [the desire to act] come back at some point and maybe it will and it’s still something I have in my locker if I want to explore it again.

“Right now I’m really happy with the direction I’m going.”

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