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Thursday 6th August 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pictures

Chantelle makes a shocking discovery...

Chantelle's got a busy week at work in next week's EastEnders, but Grey's abuse takes a sinister turn as he controls her from afar. Also, Bianca drops a bombshell on Tiffany and Sonia reminisces about old times.

Grey's abuse takes a sinister turn 

Chantelle is nervous when the day of her assessment at work arrives, but with the support of her friends and family, she manages to pass with flying colours.

Everyone heads to The Vic to celebrate, but Grey sabotages the party when he takes offence to his wife being centre of attention, and he is fuming when she refuses to come home with him.

Grey takes his anger out on Chantelle when they get home, lashing out at her as he accuses her of taking money.

Chantelle realises that Grey's mood is taking a dark turn, and she prepares herself for the worst.

After Grey takes his anger out on his wife, she later makes a shocking discovery... But what has she found out?

Soon Grey tries to make up for his appalling behaviour, showing a rare moment of remorse.

Grey gives Chantelle a gift to try and make up for his behaviour and the pair get back on track.

But with Chantelle hiding a huge secret, surely it is only matter of time before it is revealed?

The day of the hairdressing competition at work arrives and Chantelle wows the judges as she does karen's hair, and even gets down to the final two.

But Grey isn't happy to see his wife doing well and starts sabotaging her efforts from afar...

Chantelle gets a barrage of abusive messages from her husband that distract her from the competition.

The more Grey messages, the more nervous Chantelle becomes and she starts to lose her focus.

Grey's plan works and Chantelle quits the competition, leaving everyone stunned.

Chantelle breaks the news to the judges, but everyone is confused about why she would leave when she was doing so well.

Everyone is in shock as Chantelle quits and heads home from the salon.

But as everyone struggles to get their heads around what has happened, will they believe her excuses for leaving?

At home Grey is fuming with his wife because she is late for a romantic meal that he's planned.

Realising it's only a matter of time before he's on the attack once again, Chantelle drops a bombshell on Grey - but will he like what she has to say?

Bianca thanks Sonia for looking after Tiffany 

Bianca and Tiffany have a frank conversation about their relationship before Bianca reflects on old times with her siblings.

Later, Bianca drops a bombshell on Tiffany, before thanking Sonia for looking after her daughter in her absence.

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