EastEnders fans upset as dying Daniel celebrates Valentine’s Day with Jean

Dying Daniel Cook proved his love for Jean Slater in last night's EastEnders, leaving fans in tears

Last night’s EastEnders has left fans in tears, after dying Daniel Cook proved his love for Jean Slater in romantic early Valentine’s Day scenes.

Jean has been all too aware that their time is running out, and has spent the past few weeks ensuring Daniel is comfortable at home.

Jean has been caring for Daniel (Credit BBC)
Daniel rests on Jean’s sofa (Credit BBC)

In last night’s episode, Mo Slater, who was fed up of seeing Daniel moping, demanded that he realise just how lucky he was to have Jean in his life.

As Jean popped out, Mo’s words made an impact and encouraged Daniel to make his feelings for Jean crystal clear.

Well he’s got cancer and he’s not having any treatment.

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Daniel surprised Jean Credit BBC)
Jean was shocked to see what Daniel has done for her (Credit BBC)

When Jean returned home from the shops, she walked into the living room to find Daniel surrounded by rose petals, red love-heart balloons, and streamers, while love songs played in the background.

Fans were left in emotional turmoil when Daniel said: “This shows you how much I love you.”

The room was full of balloons, streamers and love-hearts Credit BBC)
Daniel filled the room with Valentine’s Day decorations (Credit BBC)

While Jean was hesitant at first to embrace the celebrations, instead worrying about how she doesn’t make Daniel’s tea how he likes it, isn’t caring for him properly, and doesn’t know how to take his temperature correctly, she asked Daniel if being with her is actually how he wanted to spend his remaining time.

Daniel then told Jean that as long as she had made it, he would happily drink “dishwater”.

He went on to to say that: “There’s no one I would rather be with when I die.”

The couple embraced Credit BBC)
Jean was overjoyed to learn that Daniel really did want to be with her (Credit BBC)

Fans took to Twitter to share their love for Daniel and Jean’s sweet relationship.

One fan said: “#EastEnders This is just the sweetest.”

While another fan said: “Omg Jean and Daniel love them #EastEnders”

During his battle with cancer, which is sadly set to come to a tragic end at some point in the future, Ade Edmondson’s character is being cared for by Jean, who is also battling cancer.

Ade has confirmed that Daniel and Jean’s story will end with the sad passing of his character later this year.

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Of his tragic storyline, Ade told Loose Women in January 2020 that his character – who has halted all cancer treatment – would pass away on the soap at some point in 2020.

When he was asked how long Daniel and Jean had left together, he said: “Well he’s got cancer and he’s not having any treatment.”

It has yet to be confirmed by the BBC when Daniel will die.

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