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Tuesday 25th February 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Things look bleak for Robert

Robert confesses, Liv has a seizure, and emotions run high at Frank's funeral in next week's Emmerdale...

Guilty Robert confesses

As Robert talks to his solicitor, Cain overhears and is unimpressed to realise Robert has been lying to Aaron.

He tells Robert he won't cover for him about his possible prison sentence.

Later, Aaron is angry and heartbroken when Robert tells him the truth.

Will Aaron stick by Robert if he goes to prison for life?

And can Robert find a way to break the news to Victoria and Liv?

Liv has a seizure

In the cafe, everyone is shocked when Liv suddenly collapses.

She's having a seizure.

As Al, Graham and Cain rush to her aid, an ambulance is called.

Robert struggles to process what is happening to Liv and he is rooted to the spot.

Will she be okay?

Frank is laid to rest

As the villagers prepare for Frank's funeral, Tracy is determined to convince them he didn't start the fire.

She's angry when Vanessa doesn't support her.

Meanwhile, Megan is torn over whether to go to the funeral.

When Tracy gives her a ring box that she thinks Frank was retrieving from the factory, Megan breaks down as she puts the ring on and feels the weight of her grief and guilt upon her.

At the funeral, Megan delivers some tough words to the congregation.

She then makes a life-changing decision.

Will Megan leave the village for good?

Dawn is falsely accused

A nervous Doug enjoys a joint outside the village hall.

But it's not long before everyone else smells it...

Charity immediately accuses Dawn of being the cause.

How will the reformed drug addict react to the fact everyone thinks she's guilty?

Nicola sells out

Jai is seething when he finds out Nicola has sold her shares.

He's even angrier when he realises she's sold to Al, Kim Tate's business partner.

Amy makes a shock confession

Amy is still struggling with everything that's happened recently, especially as Frank's funeral looms.

She ends up making a huge confession to boyfriend Nate.

How will he react?

Moira and Nate can't keep apart

Tensions between Moira and Nate are simmering after they slept together in the hay barn.

They can't keep away from each other and both are jealous of the other's relationship.

Will they give into temptation again?

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