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Saturday 22nd February 2020

Emmerdale viewers want to see 'vile Moira' get comeuppance after her affair with Nate

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Emmerdale fans have turned against Moira Dingle after her recent affair with Nate Robinson, and are demanding she gets her comeuppance.

In fact, some viewers have called Moira "vile" and think she is "selfish" with "no morals" at all.

Moira and Nate had a steamy - but brief - affair (Credit: ITV)

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Many were horrified when Moira embarked on a passionate fling with farmhand Nate, behind the back of her husband Cain.

While others believe it's totally out of character for the Dales matriarch, blaming scriptwriters for ruining her, others argue that she has been disreputable all along.

Although she recently called off the relationship, some of those watching from home believe she should be held accountable for her bad behaviour.

Moira is married to Cain but it's hardly a problem-free relationship (Credit: ITV)

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Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one said: "For me the best outcome of this would be for Moira to get her comeuppance. She needs to face the consequences of her affair by Cain leaving with Isaac and Matty turning against her; for the Dingles to all stand by Cain, and stop their constant refrain of 'Moira's the best thing that's happened to you'.

"Maybe she could turn herself in to the police for Emma's murder and serve time for that.

Moira needs to face the consequences of her affair by Cain leaving with Isaac.

"She could then return after her release as a more humble character, somewhat redeemed or even as a darker character, hardened by her time inside. Anything rather than the hypocritical martyr that she's become."

Moira pushed Emma to her death (Credit: ITV)

Another agreed, typing: "Just wondered what people's thoughts are on how Emmerdale intend to play out the big reveal about Moira and Nate's affair.

"I'm not as interested in Nate's story, but rather Moira's. Is there going to be a twist to explain Moira's transformation into a cold and calculating adulteress?

"Her lack of conscience, in my opinion, needs an explanation or at least an acknowledgement on her part that her behaviour has been appalling."

A third insisted Moira has always been a villain, adding: "She has always been awful and self-righteous. She cheated on John with James and Cain. Vile creature."

Moira cheated on her husband John with his brother James (Credit: ITV)

"Cheating is normal behaviour for Moira," stated another, while one more said: "I feel like I have been here before with Moira - after she beat up Cain and showed no remorse whatsoever."

One more hoped for a Moira and Cain split, writing: "I hope there is a clean break between Cain and Moira when the truth comes out.

"It doesn't matter how much snivelling or grovelling Moira does, the damage is done. I just can't believe in their 'love' story any longer."

"Moira has been gradually slipping down a pit since the initial affair with Cain," fumed another.

"This new affair just shows even more she has no morals at all despite taking the high ground at every opportunity."

Has Moira ended her affair with Nate for good? And will she be caught out and pay the price for her crimes?

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