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Saturday 24th August 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Ryan kissed by TWO women!

He's spoilt for choice!

Emmerdale's Ryan Stocks is a man in demand next week when he is kissed by not one, but two women!

The drama begins when Harriet Finch convinces Dawn to go on a date with Ryan, and the pair head off for an evening together.

Fans will remember the pair considered dating at the start of the year, but when Dawn decided to go cold turkey and try to get clean from drugs to get her son back, she decided that she should be single while she did it.

Ryan and Dawn go on a date (Credit: ITV)

But despite the fact the pair have romance on their minds next week, it seems the road to happiness is going to be a rocky one for them both.

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Their date turns sour when an old punter of Dawn's called Leon turns up and starts harassing the former prostitute.

Ryan gets jealous and puts Leon in his place before giving him his marching orders - and it seems to work for the time being.

Dawn is shocked when Leon turns up in the village (Credit: ITV)

Dawn is thrilled that Ryan helped get rid of Leon and thanks him with a kiss... something that doesn't go unnoticed by Ryan.

But there is trouble when Ryan totally misreads the situation and offers Dawn cash to sleep with him... something that definitely won't go down well.

With their date coming to an awkward end, Dawn heads home, only to find she has been followed by Leon.

Dawn gives Leon his marching orders (Credit: ITV)

As he tries to intimidate Dawn, Harriet is left impressed when she handles the situation and gives Leon his marching orders.

But while Dawn is busy holding her own against Leon, a deflated Ryan is in the Woolpack feeling down about how his date ended so badly when his old friend Gail turns up.

Ryan's friend Gail arrives (Credit: ITV)

The pair have a drink or two together, and this time it is Gail's turn to get the wrong end of the stick when she tries to kiss a shocked Ryan.

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But the only problem is Dawn has walked in and seen the whole thing... talk about awkward.

Charity's meddling doesn't help! (Credit: ITV)

And just when things couldn't get any worse, Charity then starts to meddle in her son's love life - but will her attempts to make peace help or hinder the situation?

With Ryan and Dawn's short-lived relationship hitting a rock already, is their romance over before it has even begun?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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