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Friday 23rd August 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Maya and Jacob caught out - again!

Is it the end of the line for Maya?

It looks like the game is up for paedophile Maya Stepney next week when someone catches her with Jacob after a night out.

Emmerdale fans will have recently seen Liv Flaherty catch Maya and Jacob together and the fall out that follows isn't pretty.

But despite someone knowing about her grooming Jacob, Maya manages to keep her secret from going any further by paying Liv to keep quiet - but is that all about to change now that someone else knows her vile secret?

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Next week sees a group of the villagers head into town for a night out, but it ends up being a night to remember for all the wrong reasons for many of them.

A night out in town will change lives forever (Credit: ITV)

Earlier in the week Maya is left rattled when David asks her why she is selling her car.

She's clearly getting rid of it so that she can pay off Liv, but she lies to her other half that she needs the cash to pay for her divorce.

Of course David falls for her lies as always and, feeling guilty for quizzing her, David comes up with a plan that he thinks will put a smile back on Maya's face.

Jacob has been groomed by his teacher and dad's girlfriend, Maya (Credit: ITV)

David secretly tells Jacob that he is planning to propose to Maya, and is going to use Val's ring when he gets down on one knee.

But the news sends the teenager into a spin, not only because he is in love with the teacher himself, but also because they have pawned Val's ring to pay off Liv.

Later Maya reluctantly agrees to go clubbing with David... but it seems Jacob might have let David's secret proposal slip, because when they get to the club Maya tells David she knows he is planning to propose and asks him not to!

Maya is fuming when she sees David and Tracy kiss (Credit: ITV)

David is understandably heartbroken and vents to ex Tracy about his doomed relationship with Maya.

Little does he know the reason she won't marry him is because she has been grooming his son since he was underage.

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As Tracy and David chat, things get a bit heated and the pair share a kiss... but of course Maya sees the whole thing and storms out of the club, furious.

She finds Jacob for comfort, but little does Maya realise her web of lies is about to be brought crashing down around her when someone catches them together.

The new Emmerdale trailer hints that Maya is attacked when her secret comes out (Credit: ITV)

But who catches the pair and discovers the truth about their forbidden relationship?

And how is Maya going to react when she realises the game is up and she's been caught?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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