Emmerdale paedo Maya tries to seduce Jacob before she appears in court

Maya strikes again - but will she get away with it this time?

Paedophile Maya Stepney is going to try to seduce victim Jacob Gallagher before a court appearance in Emmerdale.

The evil abuser will take drastic action next week when she sees an opportunity to try to manipulate the schoolboy again.

Jacob still doesn’t realise he has been groomed by Maya (Credit: ITV)

With Maya facing charges in court relating to grooming and abusing Jacob, she has been ordered to stay away from him.

But next week, she will be hassled for her vile crimes by a group of teenagers when Jacob comes to her rescue.

And instead of leaving him alone, Maya convinces him to come with her in her car and she begins trying to trick him into believing it wasn’t abuse.

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As the forbidden pair chat, Maya’s facade cracks and she tells Jacob how scared she is about her upcoming court case – and it doesn’t take long for the pair to be kissing again.

As Maya takes to the stand in her trial, she finally faces up to the crimes she has committed.

But as the jury reach their verdict on Thursday (June 20), will the paedophile teacher face jail?

Maya will face justice next week – but will she get away with her crimes? (Credit: ITV)

Actress Louisa Clein recently hinted that Maya would face justice – and that she would also get revenge on everyone she blames for her downfall.

Louisa explained, in a conversation with The Sun, that the show has a “responsibility” to tell the story right.

She said: “For every person who watches this story who has been in a similar situation needs to know that this story has the right ending. So I think hopefully we’re going to tell that.”

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And then she warned: “You know there is an inevitable fallout from this, isn’t there? There are the consequences for all of the people that she has affected. It’s not just Jacob, it’s David, it’s Leyla and Tracy and Priya.

“And all of the extended family in Emmerdale, that are consequences to come.”

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