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Monday 14th October 2019

Emmerdale fans spot blunder as head teacher Jessie disappears when Maya is exposed

The headteacher has missed the fallout from the paedophile teacher

Fans of Emmerdale think they've spotted a huge blunder in the paedophile Maya plot.

Teacher Maya has been arrested and attacked, and is facing court for grooming and abusing student and stepson Jacob Gallagher.

It's caused chaos in the village for all except one resident - her boss, Jessie.

Maya was viciously attacked last week but Jessie was nowhere to be found (Credit: ITV)

Headteacher Jessie previously raised issues with Maya about her inappropriate behaviour towards Jacob, in giving him a lift to school and all the extra tutoring she was lavishing on him.

While viewers knew she was abusing him, Jessie didn't and took Maya to task.

But since Maya's crimes were exposed, Jessie hasn't been heard from.

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She returned to the soap this week with little fanfare and no mention of what must be a huge investigation at the school because of her staff member Maya.

And fans are calling it a blunder and a huge mistake by the soap.

One said on DS Forums: "With all the mundane school story lines that we were given to introduce Jessie, I'm really surprised that the head of a school with a paedophile teacher disappears just when said paedo has been arrested/exposed."

Maya will appear in court next week but Jessie is still nowhere to be seen (Credit: ITV)

A second said: "It is inconceivable that a school head teacher would not have been called to an emergency meeting.

"Ofsted would have been alerted and the police should have been all over the school.

"The incident in the locked classroom should have alerted any reasonable human being - locked doors in such a situation being a definite no-no - and Jessie did absolutely nothing about it."

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Another added: "Surely in reality the family would be seeking answers from Jessie as well, and questioning whether there were any signs or previous concerns/incidents?

"David and Layla surely would have been hammering on Jessie's door demanding to speak to her about what has happened."

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