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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Emmerdale's Mandy Dingle will scam her own family for cash

She's a woman with a plan

Mandy Dingle is going to scam her own family when she returns to Emmerdale.

She makes a bombshell return to the village next week and walks in on Marlon's wife Jessie cheating on him with ex Al and quickly turns the situation to her own advantage.

Mandy catches Jessie and Al together and makes her own move (Credit: ITV)

But that's only the beginning of Mandy's devious ways.

Lisa Riley told We Love Telly: "She needs somewhere to live, so when she walks in on Jessie and Al at it on the sofa, Mandy uses the situation to her advantage.

"She needs to get Jessie and her two boys, Billy and Ellis, out of Marlon's house, because there isn't room for all of them."

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And a roof over her head isn't the only thing she wants - she needs cash.

Lisa added: "Mandy wants to mix things up a bit and get the fight back in her family. She might even manipulate a few of them to get what she wants... money."

She's going to have help with her son Vinny who won't be what viewers remember from his last visit.

Mandy has taught Vinny everything he knows about scamming (Credit: ITV)

He's a scammer, just like his mum!

Lisa said: "He's just 17, but maybe he's not what viewers think he is. Mandy will have taught him how to control and exploit people to get their way."

The actress also confirmed Mandy will be back for a much longer stint than her brief return over Christmas.

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Much to the delight of fans, she said: "Earlier this year Emmerdale fans would tell me off in the street, saying, 'How dare you only come back for four episodes'.

"I felt like I let people down, but I can reveal that Mandy will definitely be around to at least Christmas this time."

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