Emmerdale's Lachlan White to get away with ANOTHER murder?

Emmerdale’s Lachlan White to get away with ANOTHER murder?

How long will it take for him to be caught by the police?

Lachlan White is apparently going to get away with yet another murder in Emmerdale.

The teen killer has already massacred most of his family, and his best friend and his fake uncle Terry.

Emmerdale's Lachlan White to get away with ANOTHER murder?
Has Priya become Lachlan’s next victim? (Credit: ITV)

And while fans are growing increasingly frustrated by the storyline, Lachlan is going to double down with yet another perfect murder.

In Thursday night’s episode Priya Sharma discovered Rebecca White’s message about Lachlan being a killer.

However, Lachlan had managed to erase the last few letters, so when Priya tipped off the police about the message he had the perfect excuse.

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He claimed to have written it himself, which Emmerdale’s ineffective believed bought hook, line and sinker.

Though Priya wasn’t so sure of his excuse.

And he pretty much confirmed it with a very creepy scene afterwards.

No-one is safe from Lachlan, not even his girlfriend Belle (Credit: ITV)

He confronted her in an attempt to scare her into silence.

Speaking about the message and the police’s inability to realise what was in front of them, he leered at her: “Apparently you thought it said something else, though.

“Better hope you’re wrong, eh?”

With Priya left terrified by his veiled threat, fans are becoming increasingly more furious at how Lachlan is getting away with so many crimes.

Though he will soon face justice, one way or another.

The police did manage to find the blood soaked rock and bait hat Lachlan had buried in the woods.

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And with fans guessing that it either relates to Rebecca or Gerry’s fake uncle Terry, could the time for Lachlan’s comeuppance be upon us?

Or will he manage to kill Priya and get away with yet another murder?

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