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Emmerdale fans convinced they know the identity of the baby’s bones found in ‘brutal’ storyline

Do you have your suspicions too?

Emmerdale fans believe they’ve worked out the secret behind the skeleton found in the Dales.

On Wednesday (July 3), the school’s headteacher Jessie Dingle got a shock when human bones were discovered on the school premises…

Jessie Dingle bone discovery
Jessie revealed the gruesome discovery in The Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

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But canny viewers think they have already unravelled the mystery.

When Jessie received an urgent call asking her to come to work, she rushed over only to hear that the builders had stopped work and called the police because of a gruesome discovery – human remains found on site.

When she returned to The Woolpack, she explained that it was “serious”.

Jessie Dingle bone discovery
Jessie told the Dingle family – and fans noticed someone looked especially uncomfortable (Credit: ITV)

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She added: “They think they’ve found human bones. Since I’ve been head, everything has been going wrong. Now my school is a crime scene.”

While the Dingle family expressed their horror, viewers noticed that one among them seemed more concerned than the others.

As Lydia Hart asked if the police had identified the bones yet, she appeared to be particularly rattled. Tonight (June 4), residents are told the bones belong to a baby that a woman named Jenny Finn gave birth to at the age of 16.

Lydia is told about baby bones
Lydia seemed to act suspiciously after hearing about the baby bones (Credit: ITV)

And dozens of fans believe the bones belong to Lydia’s dead baby.

One wrote: “So OBVIOUS the buried baby belongs to Lydia. Really brutal and unnecessary storyline!”

Another typed: “Why do I get the feeling the baby who’s been found at the school is Lydia’s and that’s why she won’t adopt Samson.”

A third added: “Problem solved. Yup, the baby bones definitely belong to Lydia!”



“So we have a dead baby on the school grounds! All indications suggest it’s Lydia Hart hiding a gruesome secret. If it is I’m looking forward to seeing @karenblick knocking it out the Dales,” said one more.

Viewers know that there’s a lot we aren’t aware of in Lydia’s past, but we DO know that she has suffered past heartbreak over miscarriages as she was visibly distraught when Chas and Paddy lost their baby Grace.

She also seems against adopting her fiancé Sam’s son Samson.

Is Emmerdale about to delve into Lydia’s tragic backstory?

Do you think Lydia is linked to the bones? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

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