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Friday 6th December 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Horror as human bones are unearthed at the school

Someone's got a secret...

Next week sees Emmerdale village left in a state of shock after police reveal they have found human remains at the school... but who do the bones belong to?

Any soap fans knows that life in Emmerdale is far from the quiet, idyllic country living that it looks like it should be.

Jessie breaks some shocking news to everyone in the Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

But despite the drama they're used to seeing in the village, no one is prepared for the utter horror when police announce they have found the bones of a baby at the school.

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The drama starts when a troubled Jessie Dingle arrives at the pub and reveals that she has been told that human bones have been unearthed at Hotten Academy.

Everyone is in shock as Jessie explains about the human remains that have been unearthed (Credit: ITV)

But as the head teacher reveals the tragic news to her shocked neighbours, the police are understandably determined to get to the bottom of the grim discovery and reveal they'll be holding a conference the following day.

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As Jessie gets ready for the police press conference everyone is desperate to find out more about the mysterious bones, but will appealing to the public help?

The police make a shocking discovery as they investigate the human remains (Credit: ITV)

However, as the conference begins, it seems the police might not need the public's help after all when they make a shocking breakthrough in the case.

At the police station DI Bradwall reveals they think the baby was left by its mother, and that they have found a photo of the most likely candidate.

The authorities reveal that a 16-year-old Jenny Finn is now someone they desperately need to talk to, and the village goes into overdrive trying to work out who the little one's mother could have been.

The villagers are in shock when they realise the photo of the baby's mother looks like someone they know (Credit: ITV)

However, it doesn't seem like they will have to spend long trying to work out her identity, because they police soon issue a photograph of Jenny and she looks suspiciously like someone who lives in the village...

But who has been hiding a secret this tragic for so long?

And how have they managed to keep it hidden since they were just a teenager?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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