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Monday 16th September 2019

Emmerdale: Best theories on how Joe Tate could return

We all want to know what has really happened to Joe...

Emmerdale fans have been left devastated ever since the 'death' of much-loved character Joe Tate.

Debbie recently reported Joe a missing person and next week a body is discovered. Unable to face identifying the body in case it is Joe, Cain takes her place.

The body turns out not to be Joe's and with guilt taking over Cain, he finally confesses to Debbie he killed Joe but viewers know he didn't really kill him.

Debbie wants to find out the truth (Credit: ITV)

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The last we saw of Joe his hand was twitching after being thumped by Cain, indicating he was alive. However, Graham was seen emerging from Hotten viaduct sobbing leaving viewers wondering if Graham had finished Joe off, at the behest of Kim Tate?

Well this week there has been renewed hope that Joe is alive and will stage a dramatic comeback.

Cain Dingle actor Jeff Hordley dropped a hint the actor could return and there have been theories circulating about how the character could return and where he's been.

Graham has Joe locked up

What really happened to Joe Tate? (Credit: ITV)

Some ED readers presented the theory that Graham could've locked Joe up instead of killing him.

His big return would seehim escaping and returning to the village.

It's hard to imagine Graham would kill Joe, so it is possible he found a place for Joe to stay hidden from Kim Tate.

Or could Graham be pulling a Lachlan and keeping Joe hidden away?

Graham really did help Joe escape

Graham originally told Joe to leave with a bag of cash which hasn't been seen since. Graham could have given it to Joe after he regained consciousness and told him to leave without contacting anyone.

Although Joe is thought to be dead, we haven't actually seen a body. Perhaps there isn't one for very good reason?!

He's the returning character from Belfast

Could Joe be hiding in Belfast? (Credit: ITV)

Recently Emmerdale producers confirmed that some of the cast would be going to Belfast and would be bringing an old face back with them.

There have been many theories as to who the character could be including Liv Flaherty's mum Sandra, Joe, Adam Barton and Andy Sugden. But could it be Joe?

Or... Joe really IS dead

Graham appeared to kill Joe (Credit: ITV)

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Now this is the theory we don't want to believe but it is possible that Graham took Joe to Hotten Viaduct to kill him properly and has been letting Cain believe he killed him. Which means we will not get to see the lovely Ned Porteous reprise the role at all. Sob!

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