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Monday 16th September 2019

Emmerdale viewers convinced they know who's helping Lachlan - and it's NOT Billy

He has an accomplice on the outside...

Emmerdale villain Lachlan White has made it his mission to terrorise Belle Dingle and her family to the brink of despair - even though the teenager is behind bars for murder.

Last night (Wednesday January 9), we saw Lachlan for the first time since last September when he was put away for a very long time for his crimes - the murder of mum and grandad Chrissie and Lawrence, his best friend Gerry Roberts and 'fake' Terry. Not to mention a whole host of attempted murders and kidnappings!

Belle and Sam went to visit Lachlan in jail (Credit: ITV)

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Belle and Sam Dingle paid the serial killer a visit in jail after realising he was responsible for a catalogue of creepy crimes around the village - sending sinister messages to Belle, the trashing of the Dingle house over Christmas and the bloody slaughter of Belle's beloved pet pig Gloria.

However, when she met her ex, Lachlan seemed remorseful and full of anguish over his crimes.

He begged Belle for forgiveness and told her he cried every night over what he had done.

And the award for best performance from an inmate goes to... (Credit: ITV)

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I am pretty sure Lachlan's Dad that is doing all of it.

Did anyone else smell a rat?

While Sam seemed convinced, Belle didn't believe a word of it and told Lachlan to leave her alone.

Viewers later saw Lachlan dig out a secret phone he had hidden in his cell, and call a mystery person who he told: "The other stuff was okay but I think we need to up the anti. Let's just say it's not having the desired effect."

So who IS helping Lachlan on the outside? While many believe his accomplice is new arrival Billy Fletcher, fresh from jail himself, others are convinced that it's Lachlan's dad Donny Cairn.

One fan said: "So could be billy hes talking to as hes just come out of prison. And thats same day trouble started. But the figure looks wrong shape to be billy. Could be his dad."

Another said: "THEORY: I have a very weird and strange feeling that #LachlanWhite’s dad #DonnyCairn could be tied to #KimTate and Home Farm ... #Emmerdale."

One had the most convincing evidence of all, simply stating: "You guys realize Donny is in the cast list for week two. Yes. That Donny. #Emmerdale."

Donny is another dodgy character, that's for sure (Credit: ITV)

"I am pretty sure Lachlan's Dad that is doing all of it," agreed another.

Alan Convy hasn't appeared as Donny since April 2015.

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