Emmerdale viewers predict heartbreaking connection between Lisa Dingle and Chas’ new baby

The circle of life...

Emmerdale fans have predicted a heartbreaking connection between Lisa Dingle’s death and the birth of Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk’s new baby.

Viewers know that Lisa is suffering from a fatal condition that means she is due to die this year, while Chas is expecting a baby with partner Paddy.

Emmerdale's Chas Dingle confirms she is pregnant
Chas confirmed she was pregnant earlier this month (Credit: ITV)

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Both the good and the bad news were delivered during this month’s special all-female episode of the ITV soap to celebrate International Women’s Day.

As devastated fans grappled to come to terms with the tragic news of Lisa’s illness, some began to believe that Lisa will die on the very same day that Chas gives birth.


Lisa Dingle
Lisa returned to our screens with terrible news (Credit: ITV)

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One fan simply wrote: “Lisa dies the same day as Chas has her baby.”

Another said: “#Emmerdale OMG Lisa. OMG Emmerdale. No way are the Dingles going to be having sorrow, then joy, with Lisa passing away while Chas is on a hospital bed giving birth storyline, are we?”

A third agreed, typing: “So who thinks Lisa will die the day Chas and Paddy have their baby? Just a thought… #Emmerdale.”

“Gonna guess that Lisa dies the same day Paddy and Chas’ baby is born,” said another, adding: “It will be a girl named Lisa.”

Gosh, some of these fans should be scriptwriters!

Last year, Chas and Paddy were torn apart from the inside out when their daughter Grace died just hours after being born.

The babe was suffering from bilateral renal agenesis, meaning that their baby could never have survived outside the womb.

Meanwhile, Lisa Dingle will be written out after actress Jane Cox announced she would be leaving after 20 years.

She confided in Charity that she is suffering from a terminal heart condition.

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