Emmerdale viewers convinced Liv will blackmail Leyla, Tracy and Priya after overhearing conversation

She was blackmailing Maya

Emmerdale viewers are convinced that Liv is going to blackmail again.

The teen has been trying to get money out of Maya and Jacob after discovering their illicit affair.

Liv wants to help her brother have a baby with the cash (Credit: ITV)

In last Thursday night’s episodes (April 25) viewers saw Maya caught kissing Jacob outside the club by Priya.

After an eventful night, seeing Tracy and David kiss, an upset Maya went outside and met Jacob who was supposed to be on his way to Portugal.

The pair kissed, unaware they were being watched by Priya who immediately told Jacob’s biological mother Leyla and his ex stepmum Tracy.

Leyla sent Maya a text offering her a lift home however, the school teacher didn’t realise she had been caught out.

As she went to get in the car and saw Tracy she said: “Wow, well aren’t you brazen. This is going to be a fun journey home.” But Leyla quickly came up behind her and said: “She’s the least of your worries darling.”

Leyla looked furious when Maya approached her (Credit: ITV hub)

Friday night’s episode (April 26) went straight into the following morning and Maya was nowhere to be seen leaving viewers wondering what happened to the paedophile school teacher.

The girls went back to the woods to look for her but ended up finding Priya’s scarf covered in Maya’s blood.

Although it seems the teacher is hurt, viewers are hoping that she isn’t dead so she can be exposed and face justice.

Priya’s scarf was in the woods (Credit: ITV hub)

Last night (April 29) people in the village started to wonder where Maya was as she didn’t turn up for work.

Leyla told David that the teacher had moved in with her mum and wouldn’t be coming back to the village.

Back at Tug Ghyll cottage, Tracy, Leyla and Priya began arguing again when Leyla spotted Priya had washed her scarf and told her they needed to get rid of it as it had Maya’s DNA all over it.

Tracy, Leyla and Priya burned Priya’s scarf with Maya’s blood on it (Credit: ITV hub)

As they burned the scarf in the garden Leyla said: “Might never find out what happened to Maya but keeping quiet is the right thing to do for us, and for David and Jacob.”

As Priya threw the scarf onto the fire Leyla continued saying: “We have each others backs. No one will ever find out, right.”

Did Liv hear everything Leyla said? (Credit: ITV hub)

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But as the camera panned to side of the cottage, it looks like Liv had been listening to the conversation and viewers think she will start blackmailing the three women.

Liv began blackmailing Maya and Jacob after she found out about her grooming, demanding £5,000 or she will tell everyone about what she is.

Maya started grooming her boyfriend David’s stepson 15-year-old Jacob a few months ago.

Maya has been grooming her pupil Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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Things got worse just after his 16th birthday when she began sleeping with her pupil.

It looks like we will find out the full events of the Big Night Out in next week’s Emmerdale. 

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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