Emmerdale SPOILERS: Romance for Bob and Wendy?

He's no stranger to forbidden romance

As Emmerdale‘s most married character – seven marriages to five different wives – Bob Hope doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to women.

And it’s fair to say his latest potential squeeze might not be the wisest choice either!

Bob is set to be a huge pillar of support to Wendy Posner – but could it turn into something more?

Wendy is moving to the village (Credit: ITV)
Wendy is moving to the village (Credit: ITV)

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Wendy is the mother of rapist Lee Posner and she’s not exactly welcome in the village after her son raped Victoria and left her pregnant.

Vic’s brother, Robert, was so angry he hit Lee over the head with a shovel, and when Lee died from his injuries, Robert went to prison for 14 years.

Meanwhile, Wendy is determined to be a part of her grandchild’s life.

But with her complete inability to accept that her son was anything other than an angel, and her harrassment of Victoria since the rape allegations began, she’s not made herself popular.

When Diane finds out Wendy is moving to the village next week, she’s determined to keep it a secret from Vic to protect her.

Wendy;'s new neighbours aren't welcoming (Credit: ITV)
Wendy’s new neighbours aren’t welcoming (Credit: ITV)

However, it’s a small village and there’s nowhere to hide, so it’s not long before Victoria is left reeling from the news.

As Wendy’s other son Luke, who seemingly has feelings for Vic, insists he didn’t know what his mum was planning, things get heated when Luke tells Wendy he believes Lee did rape Victoria.

Wendy breaks down, but is defiant she’s not going anywhere.

There are those who are determined to force her out though, and later that night she’s left terrified when the windows of Dale View are smashed.

Wendy finds herself a victim of an attack (Credit: ITV)
Wendy finds herself a victim of an attack (Credit: ITV)

An on-edge Wendy shouts into the darkness, but the culprit stays hidden.

Elsewhere, a stressed Victoria starts to feel contractions and is horrified that baby is coming early…

With Luke the only one around he quickly calls for help – and it’s his midwife mum who arrives on the scene.

Victoria’s horrified, but will she let Wendy help her?

Victoria does not want Wendy's help (Credit: ITV)
Victoria does not want Wendy’s help (Credit: ITV)

At the end of a very long few days for Wendy, she’s left feeling totally alone as it’s clear all the villagers are against her.

All, that is, bar one – Bob. Feeling sorry for her and the position she’s in, Bob reaches out to her.

Wendy’s grateful for his support, but could their friendship turn into something more? Bob doesn’t really help women out without falling for them – remember Laurel?!

Bob's not got the best track ecord with women (Credit: ITV)
Bob’s not got the best track ecord with women (Credit: ITV)

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The barman had an affair with Laurel following the death of her husband Ashley Thomas.

Married to Brenda at the time, Bob cheated on his wife and eventually left because he was in love with Laurel.

It didn’t last, though, and Bob ended up homeless and penniless after burning all of his bridges.

Is he just supporting Wendy because he knows how she feels to be completely alone? Or do his feelings run deeper than that?

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