Emmerdale SPOILER: Leyla and Billy betray Tracy?

And it's all down to evil Maya

Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney has had viewers up in arms as she grooms Jacob Gallagher, and now she’s about to add sabotaging another relationship to her growing list of crimes.

Tracy Shankley is in the early stages of a romance with Billy Fletcher, but it’s all about to fall apart thanks to meddling Maya.

Things between Billy and Tracy are looking good (Credit: ITV)

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Maya is desperate for some uninterrupted alone time with her teenage boyfriend and comes up with a plan.

Discovering Tug Ghyll is going to be empty for the day, she sneaks Jacob upstairs and things start to get a little bit frisky.

But Tracy returns home unexpectedly when Maya’s in the kitchen fixing a snack. As Tracy hears noises upstairs the dodgy teacher is forced to think quickly and blurts out a horrible lie.

Maya panics and tells a terrible lie (Credit: ITV)

She tells Trace that Leyla is upstairs and she’s with a man.

Not knowing anything about her housemates new fella, Tracy is intrigued.

When she later sees Leyla and Billy chatting outside, entirely innocently, of course, Tracy puts two and two together, comes up with seven, and loses it.

Leyla’s history of sleeping with taken men doesn’t help her cause (Credit: ITV)

Given her history with Leyla over David – and Leyla’s reputation for going after taken men – it’s not hard to see why Tracy might jump to the wrong conclusion, but as her mood darkens and she assumes it was Billy Leyla was upstairs with, she furiously confronts them.

As a fight breaks out with Tracy accusing them of cheating behind her back, both Leyla and Billy try to insist they’ve done nothing wrong.

Jacob and Maya just happen to be passing and watch as the altercation unfolds. A guilt-stricken Jacob can’t believe it and feels terrible that his big secret has caused this mess between his mum and former stepmum.

Maya’s not bothered by the devastation she’s causing, but Jacob is (Credit: ITV)

As he struggles to deal with his guilty conscience and keep yet another secret that manipulative Maya is forcing him to, is he about to spill the beans?

Tracy and Jacob have always had a close relationship, and Leyla is his biological mum – could betraying them as well as stepdad David Metcalfe be a bit too far?

And what about Tracy and Billy – is their fledgling romance really doomed if she just can’t trust him?

Or will she believe Leyla and Billy’s denials that nothing happened between them and start afresh with her man?

Leyla and Tracy want to know exactly why Maya lied (Credit: ITV)

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Could this lead to Tracy finding out about Maya and Jacob? If she believes Leyla’s side of the story, she’s going to start asking questions of Maya.

It wouldn’t be too much of a jump for Tracy to assume Maya was the one with a man upstairs and lied to protect her own back – but would Trace be able to connect the dots and work out it was Jacob?

Together Leyla and Tracy confront Maya over her terrible tales, but will her quick thinking save her again?

Emmerdale is on Monday to Thursday at 7pm, with an extra episode on Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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